We’ve all been there. The house has been scrubbed top to bottom, with no spots missed. Yet there is still a mysterious lingering odour whose source we cannot detect. In frustrating times like these, we tend to reach for one thing: air freshener.

Air freshener has been around for 70 odd years. It’s essentially used to mask unpleasant aromas around the home with pleasant fragrances such as fresh linen, warm vanilla or forest pine. According to a survey, 72.8% of Australians use air fresheners at least once a week. But just how effective is it simply to cover up one smell with another? Another issue of contention surrounds the use of aerosol cans and their damaging impact on our environment.  Here’s what you need to know about air fresheners before you spritz with reckless abandon.

It has been established that many air freshening products on the market contain hazardous chemicals, such as formaldehyde, xylene and other VOCs, to which regular exposure may have adverse health effects. These chemicals permeate our air supply, impairing its quality and effectively poisoning it. In fact, air pollution tends to be more severe indoors since the space is enclosed and thus the toxins are trapped. Researchers have measured and identified air freshener chemicals that are linked to cancer, neurotoxicity, and effects from endocrine disruption. On top of this, many people report that they experience headaches and respiratory difficulty from prolonged exposure to synthetic fragrance. The very term “air freshener” is usually a marketing ploy; most products don’t remove any impurities from the air, despite their claims.

Aerosols were once one of the main contributors to ozone damage, due to the release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the atmosphere. These ozone depleting substances are now banned in most cases, so you won’t find them in air fresheners anymore. But this is not to say that aerosol air fresheners are 100% safe. Every time you spray one, you’re increasing your carbon footprint since they contain hydrocarbon and compressed gases. In fact, today’s CFC-free aerosols also emit VOCs that contribute to ground-level ozone levels, and EPA advises against their use altogether.

So, what are the alternatives? Luckily, Euca has some safe, eco-friendly options that will have your home smelling fresh and heavenly without harming your air supply.

First up is the Euca Essential Air Freshener.  This 100% Australian product uses organic ingredients to refresh stuffy, stale air with an invigorating natural aroma. Fill your home or office with the scent of natural peppermint and eucalyptus, which as well as smelling incredible, also have awesome health benefits. Peppermint is said to improve mental clarity, relieve stress and can even gently alleviate respiratory problems such as nasal congestion, bronchitis and a common cough. The Eucalyptus in this formula has antiseptic properties and is also a natural insect repellent. This multipurpose wonder can be used anywhere around the home, including pet beds and even clothes. Like all Euca products, Euca Essential Air Freshener is not tested on animals. It also doesn’t contain oil or parabens.

Euca Essential Air Freshener

Next we have Euca Smell Expell, a four-in-one air freshener, disinfectant, deodoriser and cleaner. Smell Expell is a tough on odours while kind to the environment with its all-natural, Eucalyptus based formula. It absorbs nasty smells from the air, leaving you with a bracing, botanical fragrance that permeates your living space. It works brilliantly in air conditioning ducts, rubbish bins and drains. You can also use Smell Expell to help clean up after pet accidents. As mentioned before, this hero product doesn’t just eliminate unpleasant aromas. It’s also a high-strength cleaning agent that eliminates germs and nasties in the process.  All of this without the use of harsh chemicals like bleach!

Euca Smell Expell with Air Freshener

Everybody wants their home to smell pleasant. We have to live there, after all. But before you reach for that aerosol can, consider whether it’s worth the potential risks. Most commercial air fresheners are loaded with chemicals which, while they may smell gorgeous, are likely doing much more harm than good. Instead, choose eco-friendly options with organic, natural ingredients such as the Euca products above. Not only will they fill your space with a fresh and reviving aroma, but they actually contain health-boosting, germ-busting ingredients to make your home a safer place. To shop these and more, check out Euca’s full catalogue today at www.eucaonline.com.au.

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