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Are Your Laundry Products Safe for Your Washing Machine?

By January 28, 2020 April 7th, 2020 No Comments

Without a doubt, washing machines make our laundry tasks so much easier. With just a simple touch at the buttons, you can simply load your piles of laundry and have it cleaned without so much effort.

Pretty easy right? Despite our washing machines being machines, they also lose their efficiency at some point. One of the causes for this is the use of laundry cleaning products. It’s easy to point out manufacture defect but the quality of your laundry products can also lead to poor laundry results from your washing machine.

Here are some common washing machine problems that you may have encountered in your household and the possible causes:

Washing machine have an unpleasant or foul odour.

You don’t want you washing machine giving off a nasty odour as it will most likely transfer to your clothes. The use of too much liquid and fabric softener and soap is the reason for having this kind of odour. You have to know that there are laundry cleaning products that contain animal fats. With repeated applications over time, these fats congeal and gum up on your washing machine, forming a goo, mold and dirt where the nasty odour comes from.

Washing machine leaves dark spots and rusts.

It’s not your washing machine’s fault; rather it is your laundry soap that is causing too much mold that stays on your washing machine’s door boot. There is a high chance that your laundry product is creating too much excess suds that leads to mold growth.

Washing machines have residues.

No matter how powerful you think your laundry cleaning products are, they still tend to leave unusual amount of residue on your washing machine’s gasket. This residue builds up over time and sticks to your clothing as you wash them.

Washing machine won’t drain properly or stops at mid-cycle.

Other than mechanical error, too much suds can affect your washing machine’s drain and cycle run. Some laundry cleaning products produce excessive suds that may keep in contact with the switch, causing the machine to stop.

Luckily for you, you can prevent these problems by choosing the right laundry cleaning products that work well with washing machines to keep it running at 100% all the time. Look for the below qualities:

  • Fast Acting Premium Concentrate

This makes you use less amount only but you can still get great laundry results because it is premium concentrate.

  • 100% Soluble

Laundry cleaning products that have insoluble particles are slow to dissolve or sometimes don’t fully dissolve, leaving too many residues on your washing machine.

  • Washing Machine Safe

Make sure the laundry cleaning products you use do not have added fillers that may build up, corrode and clog the working parts of your washing machine.

  • Natural and Eco-Friendly Laundry Products

Without containing toxins, synthetic fillers, and animal fats, laundry products that are natural and eco friendly are safe both to family members and washing machine too.

That’s why we strongly recommend our EUCA Laundry Powder Concentrate and EUCA Concentrated Laundry Liquid. All our laundry products are premium concentrate, 100% soluble, H.E. washing machine safe and best of all, natural and eco friendly.

EUCA cleans and protects the inside of your washing machine, so it lasts longer and smells fresh as well. We’ll take care of your laundry and make your washing machine happy.

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