Leather is a material created by tanning animal hides and skins. It is a natural product that ages over time. The natural patina comes out as it ages, giving the leather an even more beautiful and unique texture over time. Leaning more about the material and the best cleaning techniques for leather, can extend the lifespan of your products which will prove beneficial in the long run.

When purchasing house furniture, leather is a worthy investment that lasts longer than any fabric or wooden furniture. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding leather furniture. Here are some myths and facts to give your a holistic overview of  leather to help you make an informed decision:

Myth # 1: Hot in Summer and Cold in Winter

Fact: Leather is actually porous and breathes, so it has the ability to adapt to its environment’s temperature. Indoor leather furniture gives off warmth in the winter and on summer days, it stays pleasantly cool.

Myth # 2: Tears and Wears Easily

Fact: Leather is the best upholstery even in the presence of children and pets. Contrary to claims that they will easily ruin it, leather actually has the ability to stretch and return to its natural and normal state unlike fabrics.

Myth # 3: Sunlight Sensitivity

Fact: This is true! Avoid placing leather furniture where there are extremes of temperatures or in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight causes leather to dry and crack. Placing your leather furniture in the direct path of air conditioners and radiators is also not advisable.

Myth # 4: More Expensive Means It Will Last Longer

Fact: There is no truth to this myth. Leather with a lower grade might actually last longer due to the different treatment procedure. The higher grade leather often has open pores and is untreated therefore, so it is often easier to damage and might not last that long. There are three types of leather used for upholstery: Aniline leather which is the most natural looking type; Semi-Aniline, a bit more hardy than the former Aniline; and the pigmented or protected leather, which is the most durable type.

Myth # 5: Hard to Clean

Fact: This is a myth. Compared to fabric, leather furniture is in our opinion so much easier to clean. A simple cloth or towel can easily blot off liquid spills.

Helpful Tips To Clean Your Leather

Now that we’ve debunked the myths of leather furniture, let’s get into to cleaning your leather. If you’ve ever wondered how to clean a leather sofa, bags or shoes, here are some very simple, easy and helpful tips to make your leather look shiny and new.

Leather care tips

Leather Chair/Sofa

Cleaning a leather sofa is not at all complicated. Under normal conditions, dust it with a dry cloth and vacuum with a special brush regularly. A good leather conditioner generally recommends usage once every 6-12 months only. As mentioned above, protect your furniture from direct exposure to the sun to retain its look and prevent damage.

Leather Jacket          

For any garments made of leather, check the label first and follow the recommended instructions. If there isn’t any, you can try cleaning it with Euca’s Leather Life. It is easy to apply, just wipe it on, let it absorb and wipe clean.

Leather Shoes

A black leather boot is an all-time classic shoe and a fashion staple. To keep it looking new and classy, immediately clean it if you spill any liquid on it. Euca’s Leather Life has a secret formula pre 1900’s that’s environmentally friendly and natural. As it is non water based it cleans and protects! Made using pine needles, plus tea tree and almond oil’s, it returns leather to a soft pliable finish Cracks and marks disappear and this cream prevents further deterioration.


EUCA’s Leather Life Rejuvnating Oil and Maintenance Cream is the perfect cleaning product for all your leather needs – sofas, jacket, shoes, bags, belts, car interior and more. Locally made with natural ingredients of pine needle, tea tree and almond oil, it cleans and protects your leather with a soft pliable finish, prevents deterioration, and makes cracks and marks disappear. It’s very easy to apply, just wipe on, absorb and wipe clean.

Give your leather some tender love and care with Euca this winter.

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