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Dirty Secrets About Laundry Fillers That You Need To Know

By April 12, 2019 No Comments

When we think of a laundry filler, it is natural to just think of an ingredient used to just help fill up the container.

You might not associate it as being potentially toxic, dangerous or hazardous.

Let’s talk more about what a “filler” is. Why are fillers used in Laundry Products? Why can they be dangerous?

The laundry product industry is competitive, really competitive. Many of the big brand laundry product manufacturers look at options to make their products cheaper. This happens so they will be able to compete in the market and offer the huge discounts we see in the supermarket each week.

Remember you don’t get anything for nothing, something has to give.

Why are fillers used in Laundry Products?

So, the main brands need to thin out their products and add other ingredients to bulk them up. To do this a filler powder is added to dilute the formulation to make it cheaper.  This renders the product weaker.

Powder formulations with “fillers” are therefore less concentrated and you must use more to get the same results. What you don’t realise is you have been trained to use big scoops of powder, as you feel this gives you the result you want. Bigger scoops, must mean more cleaning suds and a better clean right? Wrong! All this does is make you use more and buy more.

Not only do these “fillers” cheat you on price and performance, but the most detrimental side effects of fillers are frightening.

What are the side effects?

Side effects of laundry fillers include:

  • Damage to your washing machine due to corrosion of the alloy and metal parts like the pump and the impeller that moves the water within your machine.
  • Build up in parts of the machine as a sediment that will turn to a rock-hard cement like blockage in pipes / passage ways and again can damage pumps and other internals.
  • Shortens the life of the rubber hoses in your machine.
  • They cause allergic reactions to your skin and health because the fillers remains in the micro fibres of your fabrics. This is a main cause of skin irritations.
  • Fillers rot your fabric in storage and eventually clothes “smell” because the filler remains in the fabric and this attracts moisture causing mould, rot and odour.
  • Prevents “grey water” from your machine being used on lawns, gardens and certain septic systems as fillers are harmful to plant life.

Take the Test and Confirm if your Current Laundry Powder has Fillers:

Stir a teaspoon of your washing powder into a glass of water. Wait 4-5 minutes and observe the insoluble “fillers” settle to the bottom of the glass. A white sediment will appear like undissolved salt or sugar.

These “fillers” will never dissolve as many are made from silica, yes silica powder is finely crushed quartz (also used in baby powder).

Now try this test with “EUCA” laundry Powder to see that it’s total 100% soluble. Euca dissolves completely.

We often have customers tell us that the hardest part of changing to Euca is training yourself to use less, much, much less, as Euca is a pure concentrate.

At Euca, we have bottles of tests like this. We have removed most of the water and let the water evaporate over time. The white powder at the bottom has become rock hard and cannot be removed easily.  That’s what you are washing your families clothes in each week.

When you use “Euca” you get pure concentrated Laundry cleaners. No added fillers or perfume. It’s what we don’t use that makes Euca Special.

Why is Euca a solution?

The Benefits of Euca include;

  • Price – more washes per container. so economical. Just train yourself to use less.
  • Your health – No more nasty additives left in your clothes and bed linen.
  • Machine Life – maintains your washing machine each time you wash. We recommend first time users in an older machine to do an “empty” wash to allow some “gunk” to come out. You will be surprised what’s in your machine.
  • Fabric Life – no granules left behind in your clothes, means they wear less and last in storage longer.

Read our website blogs here or explore reviews on productreview.com.au here for independent testimonials from real users of Euca.

Most customers have an interesting tale or story about their experience with changing to Euca and what the results actually were for them.

Even professional washing machine repairers use “Euca” to clean the intervals of each machine as it “decokes” (cleans out) the working pipes, pump and intervals, it dislodges the built up “fillers” left by other products.

For a better clean, explore Euca’s product range here.

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