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Easy Hand Care Tips

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When it comes to chores, our hands do most of the work. They cook the dinners, wash the dishes and do the laundry. Sometimes, we forget that our hands need some TLC after a long day of scrubbing. Hand care should be included in your daily skincare regime, especially given they endure the most wear and tear of any part of your body. This is especially true today, where because of COVID-19, we find ourselves sanitising our hands more frequently with harsh chemicals to keep them germ-free.

If you neglect your hands, it will show. The backside of our hands, in particular, is delicate and can develop signs of premature aging if not taken care of properly. Though calloused, rough and dull-looking hands may be a sign of good hygiene and elbow grease, they’re not exactly pretty to look at. We understand that it can be hard to find the time to pamper your paws. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of simple and easy hand care tips you can practise in the comfort of your own home.

Hand Care Tip #1

Shield your hands from nasty chemicals by wearing protective gloves when you’re using cleaning products. Make sure to keep an extra-thick pair for gardening, where you’re exposed to sharp tools and pesticides.

Hand Care Tip #2

Invest in some hand cream and moisturise regularly to avoid them becoming dry. During the hotter months, a light, non-greasy moisturiser will do the trick. In harsher winter conditions, go for a heavier cream such as a body butter. Due to the global spread of the coronavirus, strict hygiene measures will likely remain in place for months to come. While hand sanitiser protects you from infection, it can dehydrate your skin. Get into a habit of moisturising directly after sanitising to keep yours looking fresh and supple.

Hand Care Tip #3

Wash your hands with lukewarm water, rather than hot or cold. Extreme temperatures can damage the skin, so always be gentle. Avoid using dish soap on your hands. It may be tough on germs but it’s also tough on skin.

Hand Care Tip #4

Scrub your hands at least once a week with a good exfoliator. You can make your own at home by mixing sugar with olive oil – it works a treat. Regular exfoliation removes old dead skin cells leaving your hands polished and baby-smooth.

Hand Care Tip #5

Give your hands a good massage after a hard day’s work to stimulate blood circulation. Massage the palms first and work the pressure towards your fingertips. This is also a great way to relax and release any built-up tension.

Hand Care Tip #6

Treat your hands to a manicure every now and again. You’d be surprised at what a set of filed and polished nails can do for your confidence.

Hand Care Tip #7

Use a high SPF on your hands every day. We’re used to applying sunscreen to our faces, but our hands are just as exposed to the sun’s harsh rays – if not even more so. Not only does unprotected sun exposure increase the risk of disease, but it also speeds up the aging process.

Hand Care Tip #8

Develop healthy eating habits. You are what you eat, so nourish your body with lots of vitamins and minerals. Try and eat protein-rich foods to keep yourself in good shape. If you’re struggling to get your daily intake from diet alone, take supplements like vitamin B and vitamin C for stronger and healthier nails.

Recommended Hand Care Products

EUCA’s recommended products for softer, smoother and healthier hands are below:

Presious Vegan Moisturiser Balm - Hand Care Product

Try Presious Vegan Protective Hydrating Balm

This fast-absorbing balm creates a delicate barrier to protect your skin from damage caused by environmental pollutants and toxins.  For hand use, smooth it on your hands before washing the dishes or working in the garden to protect your skin and nails from irritants.

Euca Shield Barrier Hand Care Cream

Try EUCA Shield Barrier Cream and Protectant

A skin protectant for the whole family, this barrier cream protects, moisturises, rejuvenates, revives and reconditions hands and all skin areas.

Try EUCA Handi Hand Cleaner

Containing natural Australian Eucalyptus oil, this cleaner is tough on almost all kinds of dirt but is soft and kind to hands.

Our hands do a lot for us, so let’s treat them with the care they deserve. No matter how busy you get, make time for caring for your hands. Keep some hand care products in your purse, and be mindful when doing housework or DIY. Use our tips and keep your hands looking and feeling younger for longer.

Healthy skin and nails are in your hands.

To shop EUCA’s skin and hand care range, please visit www.eucalonline.com.au/shop.

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