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What is Euca Castile Soap? Is it Really Eco Friendly?

By April 12, 2019 August 21st, 2019 No Comments

Have you ever wondered what exactly is all the hype around Euca’s castile soap? There is such a wide variety of soap choices available. It is important to know the benefits of the soaps that you are going to use on your skin and clothes. Just because a soap is promoted by an influencer or advertised by famous celebrities doesn’t mean it is safe. It is important to evaluate the quality of ingredients that is in your soaps.

So what is castile soap? Is it really the most natural cleaner in the market today? And is it really eco friendly?

Castile Soap Euca

What is Castile Soap?

Castile soap is an organic soap that is made from natural and raw materials such as olive oil and vegetable fats [instead of animal fats]. Castile soap inherited its name from the Castile region in Spain, which was where it originated in the 1700’s. Here it was made organically using olive oil and was recognised as superior to the traditional tallow animal fat product soaps.

Why use Euca Castile Soap?

The process of making castile soaps from olive oils and coconut oils naturally produces glycerine. This results in superb moisturizing and skin friendly properties. Castile soap has the right balance of coconut oil which is great for lathering [but can be drying] and olive oil which gives a really soft and luxuriant lather. As castile soap is made 100% from plant oils it is completely biodegradable and eco friendly.

The Power of Castile Soap

Allergy Friendly

Glycerine provides moisture to your skin. In the process of making commercial soaps, glycerine is removed from the oil and often repurposed for more expensive products such as facial creams and cosmetics. When pure soap is made and all of the glycerine is retained, the moisture stays in the soap, keeping your skin hydrated. Using soaps with high moisture content can avoid skin irritations such as itchiness, flaking, and redness. It is also kind on sensitive skin so is suitable for babies and children.

Faster Healing

Using pure soaps can assist your skin in the process of reducing scars and stretch marks or even acne.

Kind on Sensitive Skin

Pure soap is the best solution for skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) sensitivity because it is mild on your skin.

Safer for your Health

Unlike commercial soaps that contains Triclosan, a chemical that could lead to endocrine system issues, a weakened immune system, cancer and birth defects, the absence of Triclosan in pure soap make it a safer soap for your entire family.

Higher Quality Ingredients

Commercial soaps may be cheaper than pure soaps for a reason. The quality of ingredients that used in each soap are often poor. Commercial soaps often use low-quality ingredients and additives. While pure soaps uses slightly more expensive but high quality ingredients that are naturally made.

Knowing the fact about the benefits that you can expect to enjoy when using high quality organic soap, will guide you in making smarter choice for your skin and overall health and wellness. If you want to experience the benefits of using high quality pure castile soap, shop the Euca Online product range here.

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