A great piece of leather is an investment, and should last a lifetime. However, if you want it to last, you need to provide it with the proper care using the right products. With Euca Leather Life, your leather item can look good as new in just one polish. Formulated to treat almost every type of leather, Leather Life is guaranteed to bring your leather back to life.

The Leather Life range includes two miracle leather maintenance products: Euca Leather Life Maintenance Cream and Leather Life Rejuvenating Oil. If you want your leather looking shiny and lustrous, these are the products for you. This includes your couch, your handbag, your car interior and your shoes.

But wait, are both products the same?

Both products have similarities, and are based on the classic 1800 time-tested formula. Both are also non-water based, paraben-free, and do not contain any palm oil.

What are the differences between Leather Life Maintenance Cream and Leather Life Rejuvenating Oil then?

We’re glad you asked! Let’s discuss in detail so you can decide which product will work best on your leather.

Euca Leather Life Maintenance Cream

EuEuca Leather Life Maintenance Cream

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your leather products and keep them looking fresh, choose Leather Life Maintenance Cream. This product acts as a protectant against drying, scuffs, and marks. The cream deeply nourishes the leather so it doesn’t lose its natural moisture, which is crucial in maintaining its supple appearance. It has a non-shiny finish and gives leather that soft, pliable look. Using this product couldn’t be any simpler. All you have to do to achieve brilliant results is apply the cream to a cloth and wipe the surface clean.

Here are the Leather Life Maintenance Cream’s key features summed up:

  • Used to maintain new and old treated leather
  • Made using pine needles, tea tree oil and almond oil
  • Helps prevent cracks, marks and further deterioration of leather
  • Ideal for leather and vinyl surfaces such as car interiors, home furniture, jackets, belts, shoes, equestrian equipment, and more
  • Gives a great leather fragrance.

Euca Leather Life Rejuvenating Oil

Euca Leather Life Rejuvenating Oil

While the Euca Leather Life Maintenance Cream is best suited for leather quality upkeep, the Euca Rejuvenating Oil revitalises all leather surfaces especially old and cracked leather. But unlike other oil products on the market, Leather Life Rejuvenating Oil does not leave any oily residue on your leather, nor does it cause any swelling. It’s capable of transforming even the oldest and toughest leather into soft, shiny-as-new leather. To use this oil, apply it to leather surfaces until they don’t absorb any more fluid. Then simply wipe over using a soft, dry cloth.

Here are some more of its key features:

  • Removes deep ingrained grooves
  • Safe to use against fabrics
  • Does not cause tarnishing of leather.

Here are some examples of real life applications of the Leather Life product range.

  • For vinyl dash: Just apply the Maintenance Cream and buff as needed.
  • For leather seats and trim: The suitability of leather products depends on the condition and age of the material and whether it has been previously treated or cared for. If it hasn’t been treated with anything for some time, we recommend the Rejuvenating Oil first to restore the quality. This also applies to leather surfaces with deep cracks and wrinkles.
  • For wrinkled/cracked leather: Apply the Rejuvenating Oil first and let it sit for about some time while it works its magic. You can apply the Maintenance Cream next, then buff, and wipe with a clean cloth. Using the Maintenance Cream after removes the greasy look and instantly revives the leather.

Bonus tips

Maintaining your leather doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, once you know the steps, it’s actually relatively straightforward. Remember, prevention is always worth twice the cure. Here are some guidelines to follow, to keep your leather looking fabulous for longer.

1. Keep leather away from direct sunlight

Excessive sun exposure tends to dry leather out, resulting in the material becoming brittle. Be conscious of how much time you spend outdoors if you want to prolong your leather. Make sure to store it in a dark area when not in use.

2. When not in use, keep leather in a cool dry place

Mildew is one of leather’s worst enemies. When storing your leather, make sure the area is dry and does not trigger mildew growth. Keeping leather in plastic is also a big no-no, as this negatively affects the leather quality.

3. Keep your leather away from abrasives

In order not to damage the surface or stretch out the material, steer clear of anything sharp or rough that could stretch it or graze it. Remember that when leather gets cut, not even Euca can save it.

4. Moisturise your leather

We moisturise to keep our skin looking young, fresh and plump. The exact same principle applies when it comes to leather. Of course, some people favour the cracked leather look. But unless you fit this profile, use Leather Life Maintenance Cream if you notice your leather is looking dry and needs some TLC.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a standard leather care product or one that will bring your leather back to life, you’ve come to the right place. Euca Leather Life is the only leather maintenance product range you need. Proudly Australian made, Leather Life Maintenance Cream and Leather Life Rejuvenating Oil were created to extend the lifespan of your leather and have it looking brand new as the years go by.

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