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Every stain has a story.

And when it comes to stains, it doesn’t get much worse than fish oil. Not only is oil notoriously difficult to remove from fabric, but oil from a tuna can doesn’t exactly smell like roses. Unfortunately, one of our customers experienced this first hand when they spilled smoked tuna oil all over their duvet. Not only did leak onto the cover, but it also seeped its way through to the wool duvet itself as well as the sheet underneath. Yikes.

As you can imagine, the task of washing the cover, duvet and the sheet was an intense cardio workout in itself. Between dragging the water drenched duvet down the stairs, hauling it over the pool fencing and finally perching it atop the clothes line once it had dried a little, it was an ordeal from start to finish.

The customer had washed the duvet using Euca Soft Wash and the sheet and cover using a standard supermarket laundry detergent. To her delight, the fully dried duvet was stain and odour free. The ill-fated sheets and cover, on the other hand, weren’t so fortunate. The dreaded fish oil stains remained. This was when our customer had the idea to soak the stains using Euca Soft Wash overnight, considering it worked a treat on the wool duvet. Voila! Even after the original cycle, the fish oil was no match for Euca’s powerful, all-natural stain-removing agents. Both the sheet and cover were salvaged too, all thanks to Euca Soft Wash.

Euca Soft Wash Collection

What makes Euca Soft Wash an effective stain remover?

Euca Soft Wash was born Euca Wool Wash, but the name was changed because it’s so much more versatile than a solely wool detergent and to pigeon hole it as such would be selling it short. It is a Premium Blend natural soap-based concentrated laundry liquid made with pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil. The natural soap formula is highly effective not just for handwashing and soaking but for machine use as well. Once you try Euca Soft Wash, you’ll never use a supermarket brand again.

Like all of our laundry products, Euca Soft Wash is suitable for all septic, bio and greywater systems. That’s why we recommend this detergent to those living in areas with septic and greywater sewage and are worried about their gardens.

Here are some bonus tips for dealing with pesky oil stains on fabrics at home with success.

  • Use the hottest water temperature setting recommended for your fabric. Always check for the fabric’s care label to avoid any mishaps. Not only does hot water help to lift the stain, but it also eliminates any nasty odours that come with it.
  • Some fabrics do shrink in hot or warm water setting so give it a gentle shrug or a stretch while still wet to avoid this.
  • Naturally dry your fabric under the direct sunlight, allowing the heat from the sun to extinguish any remaining smells.
  • Pre-treat the stain before washing. In case of the smoked tuna oil stains on the duvet cover and sheets, they were treated with a small amount of Euca Soft Wash overnight which did the trick nicely.

It’s that simple! For your first try, you can purchase our 1.5lt bottle. Or you can try our Euca Essentials Laundry Starter Kit that’s currently on sale for $76.36. You’ll never go wrong with Euca – a better way wash your fabrics.

Euca is a trusted, award-winning, 100% Australian owned and made brand that has gone from strength to strength since its humble beginnings in country Victoria. In 2021, our much loved Laundry Powder Concentrate won in the prestigious Product Review Awards’ laundry detergent category. Eucalyptus is our hero ingredient thanks to its bracing scent and natural antiseptic properties. To browse our full range, visit our online shop today.

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