Results from a survey conducted by LG suggest that Australians spend an entire year doing laundry during their lifetime. That’s a lot of washing, drying and folding. For parents running busy households, the figures are likely even higher. Laundry is a domestic ritual that’s part and parcel of modern life. But since we spend so much time immersed in it, we might as well do it efficiently – it might even save us a few precious hours here and there. That’s why the laundry experts Euca have compiled a list of tips and hacks to lessen the load (pardon the pun) while achieving a brilliant, fresh clean, as well as avoiding any common pitfalls.

Without further ado, let’s get ready to tumble (we’ll see ourselves out).

1.     Preparation is key

As the old saying goes – fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Try to pre plan what day you’ll tackle the laundry each week, and allocate a time slot to tick it off the to-do list in one swift stroke. Let everyone in the house know when you’ll be putting on the wash and to have their dirty clothes in the laundry basket if they want them cleaned. By taking this approach, you’re not doing a bit here and a bit there, which can seriously add up and leave you in a constant, never-ending laundry cycle. Another simple time-saver is to keep your laundry room neat and tidy, with detergents, softeners and other products in their correct place.

2.     Colour code

We recommend investing in two separate laundry hampers – a white hamper for whites, and a coloured one for, you guessed it, colours. This helps to avoid any white-shirt-turned-pink disasters and spares you the effort of sorting through piles of clothing. For families, you it might be an idea to print a label for each hamper so that everyone is clear on the system.

3.     Practice good housekeeping

Before loading the machine, make sure not to skip any general housekeeping steps. Empty pockets of change, tissues and receipts. Unbutton any shirts. Hook up bras. Tie up strings. Turn dark clothes inside out. These little steps will prolong the lifespan of your clothes, preventing physical damage caused by the spinning of the machine as well as colour transfer. Another tip is to place your delicates such as lingerie, swimwear, undergarments and any other fragile materials (such as lace) in a mesh bag to prevent tearing from getting tangled or caught.

For your information, here’s the lowdown on how and why it helps to sort laundry according to four different variables: colour, weight, material and dirtiness.

Sort By Purpose
Colour Shades Clothes with deep colours are more likely to bleed dye when washed. To avoid damaging other clothing, sort laundry according to colour, separating lights from darks.
Fabric Weight Wash and dry heavier items, like towels, separately from lighter weight clothes to prevent damage to finer fabrics and ensure even drying.


Wash delicate and durable fabrics separately on the appropriate setting to avoid damage to fine fabrics. Separate items with zippers and buttons from knits and lingerie.
Amount of Dirt Very dirty or stained laundry should be washed separately on a longer, heavy-duty cycle. This provides the agitation necessary to eliminate stubborn dirt.


4.     Read the fine print

If you want your clothes to last, don’t ignore the instructions on the labels. Every material has different properties and needs specific care to avoid damage. Some react well to heat (such as cotton), while some irreversibly shrivel up in hot water (such as wool). For silks and other fussy materials, dry cleaning or handwashing may be the only option. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so when it comes to nice clothes, make sure to carefully read their label before you recklessly throw them into the machine alongside your old socks, towels and pyjamas. Laundry labels also tell you how best to dry the garment, and whether it can be ironed.

5.     Beware of stains

Stains are fickle things. If you catch them in time, the afflicted garment can usually be salvaged. But if they happen to elude you and their host ends up in a laundry cycle, the damage may be permanent.  A regular cycle can in fact cause certain stains to set, at which point you’ll have a hard time recovering your beloved piece of clothing. To avoid such heartbreak, pre-treat stains as soon as you spot them so that they are loosened up before washing.

For tough and reliable stain remover, Euca’s Pre-Wash Stain Remover with citrus and eucalyptus oil is the gold standard. This powerful agent dissolves the most stubborn of stains, including those caused by soil, carbon, and oil and grease. It is non-caustic and non-toxic so it won’t do any harm to your machine or your clothes. Simply spray on the affected area and leave to work its magic before washing the garment as normal. Euca’s Pre-Wash Stain Remover also works wonders on car interiors and carpets. As with all Euca products, this formula is all natural and eco-friendly and safe to use for the whole family.

6.     Fill ‘er up

There is a common myth that smaller loads of laundry are conducive to a more thorough clean. Contrary to popular belief, this is categorically false. In fact, the bigger the load, the higher the friction and agitation, which ultimately results in a superior clean. It also uses less energy and water, and costs you less in household bills. Of course, don’t overdo it and stuff your machine to the brim. Keep it about ¾ full for a cheaper, eco-friendlier and more effective wash.

7.     Use the right products

If you want your laundry to come out feeling soft, smelling gorgeous and looking pristine, you will need the help of high quality products. Euca’s laundry range has everything you need for the perfect cycle. All of Euca’s products are 100% Australian made, so by choosing their products you are supporting local enterprise. The people at Euca are also fully committed to sustainability, with an emphasis on natural, eco-friendly ingredients and reusable packaging for guilt-free shopping.

Euca has two laundry powders to choose from, our tried and proved 50+ year old recipe Euca Eucalyptus laundry powder blend and  NEW Lemon Myrtle Laundry Powder, both are premium concentrates that deliver exceptional cleaning in both hot and cold waters, top and front loaders, including new high efficiency machines (HE). Just a small amount packs a punch, saving you money on your laundry costs and reducing your household’s carbon footprint. Euca’s gentle formula has no added insolubles, like salt, which are the main cause of allergic reactions or allergies making Euca ideal for those with sensitive or irritable skin. What sets Euca’s laundry powder apart is that it actually cleans and protects the inside of your washing machine as well during the cycle, helping to keep it running smoothly and potentially even prolonging its lifespan. If you favour a liquid detergent, look no further than Euca’s high-performance Concentrated Laundry Liquid or our made for delicate clothes, towels and all your woollen blends, Euca Soft Wash, both made  with pure Australian eucalyptus oil, both super concentrate, biodegradable and 100% soluble.

For extra luxury, add Euca Fabo Fabric Conditioner to your load. This sodium and phosphate free conditioner will leave your fabrics feeling silky smooth to the touch. We love using it on sheets for a dreamy night’s sleep. Thanks to its anti-static properties, Euca Fabo also makes ironing your clothes a breeze. If you want to give your cycle a boost, use Euca’s Laundry Soaker. This concentrated brightening agent is suitable for all fabrics, colours and stains. It works as a pre-wash or an overnight soaker, helping to bring whites back to life and make colours bolder without the use of harsh chemicals. In this day of concern about the spread of germs and nasties via the fabric of your clothes during the wash, we created Euca’s Laundry Sanitiser with broad spectrum bactericide, so it can be added directly into the washing cycle. Lastly , feel confident when using any  Euca Laundry products, they will not upset septic systems, even the Euca Laundry sanitiser, plus Euca grey water is perfect for use on gardens and lawns, helping save our precious water.

8.     Live and let dry

Throwing your clothes into a tumble dryer is the quickest way to finish your laundry. But dryers are costly to run and not exactly environmentally friendly, so we recommend using them in moderation. Dryers are great for small, finicky, quick-drying garments like socks and underwear. These need only a short blast in the dryer to do the trick. But for towels, sweatshirts and other heavy duty items, you’re far better off leaving them out to dry naturally on a clothes rack either inside or outside if you have the space. This is a far more efficient and cost-effective approach. We’d also like to remind you to read the drying instructions on the label prior to putting anything in the tumble dryer, as many fabrics will shrink in the heat.

We hope you’ve found our laundry guide practical and informative. There will always be washing to be done, but there are ways to streamline the process to make the task a little less daunting and to get you better results with every cycle. Euca’s laundry range has everything you need to achieve a brilliant clean without nasty chemicals or harmful substances. For the products mentioned above and more, shop consciously at www.eucaonline.com.au.

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