Euca like all unique products raises a host of questions. Find answers to frequently asked questions here.

If you have a question about Euca or a product and the answer is not here, please send us an email.
All questions that are not here, that are asked via our contact page, will be added to our FAQ’s for future reference.

Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. Free Delivery on all orders $100 and over Australia Wide. Any orders below $100 will incur a Small Freight & Handling charge.

We have also added our NEW “Euca On Line info Group” . Where we will email our loyal subscribers “Product updates & specials” about once or twice a month.

Q. Can I have my order sent to work / home / another address?

A. Yes, you can stipulate the deliver address in checkout to any location you need. We prefer not to deliver to a PO BOX as that can cause some freight issues .

Q. Who is Proud Products Pty Ltd and how are they related to Euca?

A. See all the info about Proud Products on our “About” page . we detail the evolution of the business since the early 1900’s to how the brands like Euca came to be and is what our business is today.

Q. Can I order larger sizes not shown in the BUY NOW?

A. Yes we have started to add 20kg and 20lt versions of our best sellers, but if you don’t see a larger size of a product you want, let us know by email (contact) and we can get that for you.

please tell us, otherwise we won’t know.

Q. How much Euca should I use?

A. Euca is a pure concentrate – so use less, save money!

Dishwashing powder
Just add half a cap (20gm) or one 20g scoop full to your machine’s powder detergent dispenser (or to the bottom of the machine is no dispenser) and select the desired cleaning cycle.

Laundry Soaker
For best results add half a cap (20gms) of Laundry Soaker to 1 bucket (approx 9L) of water and leave clothes/nappies to soak overnight.
As a Laundry Booster: add a quarter of a cap (10gms) to your normal wash.
As a Pre-Wash Stain Remover: Dilute one teaspoon into a 500ml spray bottle of water and saturate the stain with solution prior to washing clothes.
Note: One cap = 40gms

Laundry Powder
Front Loader: Approx half a scoop (20gms)
Top Loader: Approx one scoop (40gms)
Hand Wash: Approx half a scoop (20gms) mixed with warm water before immersing garment.
Note: One Scoop = 40gms

We supply 20gram scoops for Dishwashing Powder here.
We supply 20gram scoops for small sized Laundry Powders here.
We supply 40gram scoops for larger sized laundry powders here.
The 2kg bottle we recommend the use of the cap as its measure.

Q. Can I set up a Trade Account?

A. Yes, The main purpose of the Euca On Line is to show case the whole range of Euca to the general public, which we can’t currently via our usual distributors. That said, if you are a small independent supermarket out past back of Bourke and you don’t want the hassle to go through normal channels and are happy to pay up front via card or PayPal then please contact us here.  we have Wholesale available on the website … hidden from the retail . You must join and pass some checks before becoming a wholesale customer.

Q. Am I dealing directly with the factory?

A. Yes, we supply orders directly from our factory in Altona, Melbourne. Every order is packed personally by our team in Alona, then shipped directly.

Q. What is really in Euca?

A. If you are referring to Euca Laundry, then we recommend you visit our “Know the Facts” page. If you are referring to any other Euca product, please see the information available on each item when shopping or alternatively contact us with the specific question you have.

Q. Is Euca safe for my children?

A. Euca has been made without all the fillers and excessive sodium others use, plus our Organic Castile soap and Liquid Soft wash are Pure soap based products. See our “Know the Facts” page – Or contact uswith any specific question you have.

Q. Is Smell Expell able to remove pet odours?

A. Personally we are all pet crazy here at Euca so we have all tested Smell Expell

in our own homes, and love it. Yes, it works a treat.

Q. What can I use your new Euca Universal cleaner polisher on?

A. What cant you use it on is more easier to answer. To let you know, we have used Universal on; Silver, stainless, stone benches, brass, chrome, black glass cook tops, oven racks, shower glass, basins, tiles walls, laminated cupboards, painted walls, doors, plastic trays and toys, taps, fridges, kettles, toasters… tell us your Universal new clean item and we will give you a FREE gift on next order.

Q. Does the Euca Laundry Liquid have the same cleaning power as the Euca Laundry Powder?

A. We do get asked this question quite often.

Please see below the comparison information between Euca laundry powder and liquid.


Oddly the liquid was developed way back when Dynamo was first launched, and customers started to use a liquid more than a powder. The Beauty of the liquid was seen as it “dissolved” completely and clothes didn’t have a white powder residue. sadly the majors still add “extras” into liquid, which actually really means they don’t really dissolve.

Euca didn’t need to make a liquid as our powder does completely dissolve, but customer demand for a liquid made us make a Euca Concentrate liquid wash.

The main difference between our powder and Liquid is the Powder still has some phosphate (in good earth compatible quantities to make plants grow green) whereas the Liquid has none at all, so its green as well, but we know some country customers who prefer the Powder grey water to use over the liquid as the phosphate really does help plants. Other than that, both do the same job and have the same cleaning power.

Usage – recommended  


Front loaders 20 gram per wash – so a 10kg tub should last 500 washes

Top loaders 30 grams to 40 grams depending on soils in clothes , so about 330 washes


Front Loaders  20ml per wash – so again about 500 washes.

Top loaders is about one serve 30ml to 40ml or more depending on soils – so again about 330 washes.

We advertise 10 to 20 cents a wash … powder or liquid. But generally it is about 15 cents a wash.

Q. Is Euca tested on Animals?

A. Euca does not use palm oil in any of our products and all raw material is from suppliers that verify their products are not tested on animals, plus Euca does not test on animals either.

Q. Does Euca contain Palm Oil?

A. Euca does not use palm oil in any of our products and all raw material is from suppliers that verify their products are not tested on animals, plus Euca does not test on animals either.

Q. Do any Euca products contain Parabens?

A. Euca does not use Parabens in any of our products and we do not hold Parabens in the factory either.

Q. Why is Euca TUFF now going to be called MULTI?

A. Based on customer feedback, we discovered that it was not quite understood what Euca TUFF could clean. So we’ve changed its name to Euca MULTI. It truely is the best multipurpose cleaner. From the shed, to garden to kitchen and bathroom – what doesn’t Multi clean?