We’ve all probably spent a lot more time in our house than usual since the beginning of the year. While for some, this downtime has brought families closer together, it’s also brought many challenges. One of these challenges is trying to keep the place clean. With kids running amuck and many parents working from home, it can be tricky to keep the house tidy and in order. And one job that tends to get neglected is floor cleaning.

Constant foot traffic means it doesn’t take long for our floors to collect dirt and dust. It’s also susceptible to spillages, which can stain if left untreated. The good news is that keeping your floors squeaky clean isn’t as complicated as you think. There are lots of cleaning tips and hacks you can use to take the dread out of floor cleaning. Here are our favourites.

1.     Vacuum at least once a week

When it comes to floor cleaning, vacuuming should always be your first port of call. Try to use a vacuum cleaner regularly, so that you always have a solid foundation. This will remove dust, dirt and allergens that are sitting on the surface. Pay special attention to the busiest rooms in your house such as the living room and the kitchen.

2.     Spot-treat your floors daily

It’s much better to regularly maintain your floor to avoid a build-up of dirt and stains. So as soon as you spot a spillage or scuff mark, try to act quickly. Plus, the faster you get to it, the less chance of the stain setting. Leaving your floor dirty over long periods of time can also attract unwelcome pests. No thanks! Euca makes the best spot cleaner available, that being our Euca Glass multi surface cleaner. It’s not only for glass, but great on carpet stains and leaves a streak-free finish on wood or tiled floors.

3.     Old-fashioned mopping

Sometimes it pays to go back to basics. So grab your mop and bucket and get cracking. Pay special attention to the corners, where dirt tends to collect over time. It’s also worth investing in a high-quality mop for stellar results. The sturdier the mop, the more efficient the clean.

4.     Shoes-off policy

You know what they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best approach to floor cleaning is to avoid it getting dirty in the first place. Enforce a strict no-shoes policy indoors. This can be tricky with kids, but with patience, they should get into the habit of taking their shoes off once they enter the house.

5.     Choose the right floor cleaner

Using the right floor cleaner will help you achieve a spotless finish without too much exertion. A good floor cleaner shouldn’t just make your floor sparkle, however. It should also protect the surface from further damage.

With that in mind, we recommend our ecofriendly Floor Cleaner with Streak Free Finish with added bactericide in the formula and made with natural tea tree and lemon myrtle oils.

20L Euca Floor Cleaner JPEG

So, what makes this product stand out?

  • A pure concentrated cleaner, which means you use less
  • Can be used as a general-purpose cleaner
  • Has an added rinse aid for streak -free cleaning
  • Suitable for different surfaces such as glass, metal, and hard surfaces
  • Has no added synthetic perfumes for a natural refreshing fragrance
  • The grey water can be safely used on the garden after

Here’s how to achieve a brilliant clean using Euca Floor Cleaner.

  • Add 30ml of Euca Floor Cleaner per 8-10lt bucket of water (warm to hot is best)
  • Wring mop to get rid of excess water (remember to be environmentally conscious)
  • Change the water regularly for the best results
  • Let floors air dry to reveal a shiny, spotless floor.

Final thoughts

Keeping your floors squeaky clean isn’t that complicated. The most important takeaway is to take care of your floors by regularly vacuuming, spot-cleaning and mopping them. This will prevent any build-up of dirt and germs, so you can rest easy knowing they are fresh and safe. Oh, and using the right floor cleaner does extra magic of course.

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