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    Euca Pet Care Shampoo Euca Smell Expell

    Euca Pet Care Shampoo & Smell Expel

    Euca Pet Shampoo

    Our pet shampoo is made from a delicate blend of botanical ingredients.

    Learn more:

    • Designed to gently cleanse, condition and nourish your Pets coat and skin
    • Leaves fur fresh and glossy
    • Will not dry their skin or remove their natural oils
    • Leaves their skin calm and soothed
    • Environmentally friendly
    • You can use the water on your garden or lawn when finished
    • 100% Australian Made and owned
    • Luxury high foam formula
    • With the inclusion of 0.2 % Triclosan Biocide to sanitise and clean
    • does not contain palm oil

    More information:

    This high foam and quick rinse liquid soap Pet Shampoo has been created to satisfy the fussiest owner and pet. Being a true “Soft Soap”. The Antibacterial formula is also perfect to aid in healing and cleansing wounds and cuts. It is environmentally friendly so it is perfect for the lawn and garden when finished. Euca Pet Shampoo has been blended with natural herbs for its fragrance and has added skin and coat conditioners to create an overall fresh and shiny Pet.

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