“A good way to clean up & make some extra money”

Do you already love Euca Cleaning Products?
Have you been telling friends for ages about Euca?
Now you can help grow our little Australian brand, as word of mouth is what we have been doing for years.

“Proud Products”, the makers of Euca, have been formulating, manufacturing and packing quality and unique cleaning products for over fifty years. Now with this expertise the company can offer this unique business opportunity to those who want to grow financially.


Start your own Euca sales business. Call it a Franchise, or Brand Ambassador, either way we offer no contract or franchise fees, just initial stock purchase to get you started.


This franchise is ideal for anyone with some extra spare time, and a good circle of contacts and friends. You can gain some extra weekly income by merely “Passing on the Good News” about Euca either through some local get togethers, social media or if you have your own shop now, you can add the range easily with minimal stock holding and great stock turns.

Just so you are aware, the Euca range consists of quality laundry and home cleaning products that are not only designed to be safe for the environment, but be massively economical and cost saving to use.

A little Euca goes a long way, so your first lesson to customers is to teach them to “STOP” using as much as they do with supermarket brands. Euca Laundry products as pure concentrate, as in a real concentrate with no added nasties or fillers.


“EUCA” (short for eucalyptus). Euca Laundry formulations utilise the natural benefits of Australian eucalyptus oil. (Google eucalyptus oil for its cleaning and antiseptic benefits)
Eucalyptus oil replaces all petroleum based raw materials often used in Laundry Products.

Euca also uses Citrus oil (extract from citrus fruit peel) and now has recently started adding Natural Peppermint oil to Dishwashing powder and some other new lines coming soon as well.

THE MARKET – The general cleaning industry both domestically and commercially is a $2.3 billion market.
1. The products are consumables
2. You buy at wholesale prices to on-sell, plus also for your own needs.
3. You have many taxation breaks such as home office, car and travel that work for you. (refer to your tax agent / accountant for more advise)
4. It is easy with EUCA products as once they are used your client will buy again, the quality and performance of all products is that good.
5. You are making a contribution to our environment as “EUCA” products are better for our planet


This franchise / Brand Ambassador is a no strings attached business, there are no contracts or costs involved.

What is asked of you:
An initial minimum order stock holding is required. This gives a minimum cross the board range selection and for those with retail space, can be an actual initial set up planogram / range.

Cost for the first Initial stock spend is $1000 as a minimum, but includes brochures, literature, samples and being added to our website and social media marketing.

Top up orders can be made easily and quickly off the wholesale section of

Wholesale prices, designed to provide you with a margin profit once you sell at retail prices.

Retail prices will be generally 10% to 20% better than full on-line retail.

Minimum top up order value is only $100.00. You can order in ones and twos as you need.

Once you find your top up orders exceeding $700 at a time, then we will be able to switch you to…. “direct from factory ordering”, which has even better cost pricing.

You can opt to go direct to factory from the beginning, but remember you need to meet a minimum of $700 per order at a time, its up to you.

Sound simple, Yes! …

Dont delay, start today.

Click on the link below, for wholesale joining . fill out the details as required and advise you are looking at “Franchise” . We will come back to you with further details and how to set up.