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And just like that, it’s winter again. Love it or loathe it, the onset of the colder months changes our pace of life. Weekends once spent soaking up the sunshine are instead enjoyed curled up on the couch in your cosiest woollies. Trees have lost their green, lush leaves and now stand frosty and bare. Pina coladas are swapped for hot whiskeys or perhaps a piping mug of hot chocolate.  If you’re dreading the change of season, the best way to prepare yourself is to get your home ready.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Home maintenance tips

The dropping of outside temperatures can have a significant impact on our houses and if you’re not careful you could run into trouble. Here are some key things to keep an eye on to minimise any damage.

1.       Clean the gutters

Leaves and other debris can build up in the gutters over time. Clear them out and position them away from your house’s foundation. It is also a good idea to cut away any tree branches hanging over your house to prevent them falling below.

2.       Check your windows

As the cold snap arrives, you must ensure your home is warm and dry inside. Your first port of call is your windows, doors and any other openings in your house. The gaps around their frames can allow air to seep in which causes drafts and dampness. Avoid the sniffles by making sure that the weatherstripping is secured. If not, self-sticking weatherstripping is effective in tightly sealing any gaps.

Now is also a good time to clean your windows and glass surfaces. Euca Glass All Surface Cleaner gives a streak-free finish, with an anti-static agent to repel dust and lint. Its quick-drying formula leaves behind no residue, leaving your windows looking good as new. Its powerful formula kills 99.9% of germs and is made using natural, eco-friendly ingredients.

3.       Check your water lines

Protect your water lines by wrapping them in heat tape to keep them insulated. Ensure that the heat tape is plugged in and working. If your crawl spaces have vents that allow air to circulate within, you might want to close these in spells of chilly weather to protect your water lines from cold drafts.

4.       Get a de-humidifier

Maintain optimum humidity levels with de-humidifiers and control them based on the temperatures outside. This will prevent frost from developing as the temperatures fall.

5.       Check your pipes

Let a small trickle of cold water run from your tap to keep water moving through your pipes, stopping them from freezing. Open the cabinet doors under your sink to keep warm room air circulating around them too.

Home décor tips

Clouds and rain usually mean you spend more time indoors. Transform your home into a cosy snug this winter and you’ll never want to leave.

1.       Go natural

Decorate your home using natural materials like wood, cotton and hemp. Cover your furniture in chunky knitted blankets, pillows and throws, layering them together for maximum effect. We recommend keeping extras in a basket beside the sofa so you can grab them when things really start to cool down.

2.       Warm scents

Banish the winter blues by decorating your home with scented candles or perhaps invest in a diffuser. When it comes to fragrances, it’s time to ditch the florals and go for something musky and spicy instead. Our favourite winter aromas include sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh.

Speaking of which, nothing cures the winter blues like a hot bubble bath. And if you really want to indulge, add some of Euca’s Luxury Bath Bubbles, made from a delicate blend of botanical extracts and natural oils. Its gentle plant-based formula gently cleanses, conditions and nourishes your skin without causing dryness or irritation. It is also free from sulphates, parabens, palm oil, synthetic fragrances and artificial colours. We also recommend infusing the water with Euca’s Therapeutic Vegan Emulsifying Bath Oil for the ultimate pampering experience. This dreamy oil is carefully formulated to gently relax you, creating a soothing sense of calmness. As well as being a relaxant, Euca Bath Oil is also enriched with skin-loving ingredients like almond oil, glycerine, castor oil and natural castile soap.

3.       Earthy colours

A winter colour scheme is characterised by warm earthy colours like clay, terracotta, and burnt umber. If you don’t want to make any drastic renovations, you could invest in some new bedsheets, blankets or plant pots to create a toasty yet sophisticated atmosphere.

If you’re a summer lover feeling anxious about winter’s arrival, there is no need. Every season should be embraced for all of its blessings. And what’s really so bad about roast dinners, movie nights by the fire, cosy wine bars and frosted grass? It’s time to welcome the wintertime with open arms and enjoy the gifts it brings.

If you’re interested in any of the products we mentioned above to help prepare your home for the colder months, visit www.eucaonline.com.au today. Euca is a 100% Australian brand that specialises in cleaning, laundry and personal care products. We use all-natural, eco-friendly ingredients that deliver an exceptional results without the use of any harsh chemicals. Make the switch today and take the first step towards a more sustainable you.

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