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20 Tips for Grocery Shopping During a Pandemic

By June 15, 2020 No Comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we live. Hand sanitiser and toilet paper are hot commodities. Our kitchen tables are our new work desks. Hugging our friends is against the law. As we adjust to the new normal, these things begin to come naturally to us. Life goes on, and humans are highly adaptable creatures.

The most mundane activities are subject to the biggest changes, one of which is grocery shopping. Nobody could have predicted that you’d have to queue to enter your local supermarket. These busy, confined spaces are a breeding ground for germs. Grocery shopping is high-risk because it involves close contact between both staff and fellow shoppers. It also facilitates the spread of the virus through touch, as customers use their hands to push trolleys and sort through products. Because the virus can survive in the air and on surfaces for extended periods, shoppers must exercise caution on their weekly trips during this pandemic.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if an item is safe to pick up. There are, however, a number of measures you can take to ensure a germ-free trip to the grocery store during the pandemic. Here are some safe shopping tips, brought to you by Euca.

  1. Buy more less often. Try and limit your trip to the supermarket to once a week. This doesn’t mean that you should panic buy. There is plenty to go around so try not to be greedy.
  2. Change into different clothes and shoes every time you leave your home.
  3. Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth as well as plastic gloves.
  4. Bring paper towels and disinfectant to clean trolleys or baskets upon entry and exit. Alternatively, you can use alcohol wipes or hand sanitiser. We recommend Euca’s hand sanitiser which comes in a handy 50ml spray bottle.  It is 70% W/W, which means it’s made with more 70% alcohol for a deep clean.
  5. Consider bringing your own heavy-duty bag as an alternative to a trolley/basket. This minimises the chances of you picking up anybody else’s germs. You can also kill two birds with one stone and use the bag to bring your groceries home. It’s kinder to the environment, too.
  6. Keep a distance of two metres between yourself and others. If somebody gets too close, back away or politely ask them to give you space. We’re all in this together, so we must respect each other.
  7. Bring a list with you to avoid loitering around for too long. Only grab the items you intend to buy and try not to touch anything else.
  8. Keep your hands away from your face while you’re in the store. It’s not safe until you’ve left the premises and sanitised.
  9. When queuing up to pay, stick to the two metre rule. Most stores will have mapped out where you can stand safely with signs and other indicators. Stick to their guidelines and avoid any altercations.
  10. Where possible, pay with your credit card. They say that paper notes and change can carry more germs than your household toilet – not ideal during a pandemic. In fact, paper money can reportedly host a live flu virus for up to seventeen days. Ditch the cash and tap tap tap.
  11. Take of your shoes when you get home and leave them by the door. Only wear them outside.
  12. Even if you’ve already sanitised, wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water once you’re inside. This is still the best way to kill germs lingering on your skin. Make sure to dry them with a clean paper towel, too.
  13. Wipe down your table using disinfectant and empty your purchases on the surface. Disinfect the surfaces of each packaged item before putting them away.
  14. Wash fruits, vegetables and any other fresh produce with hot water and soap. They are often covered in wax and other sprays and are more heavily exposed to germs. For these reasons, always give them a deeper clean.
  15. Disinfect door handles, as well as those on your fridge and freezer. Give your table a second wipe once everything is in its place.
  16. Change out of your clothes into a clean outfit that’s safe to wear at home. If you think you were exposed to anyone sneezing or coughing while outdoors, you’re better off washing the clothes you wore. For maximum germ annihilation, take the extra step of sanitising them with Euca Disinfectant. Simply add it to your load to sterilise (20-50ml is all you need per cycle).
  17. If you wore a reusable facemask, make sure to wash it thoroughly with soap and water. If you used a surgical mask and you’re planning to re-use it, spray the outside with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Make sure to allow it to evaporate for at least one hour before using it again. As for gloves, if you don’t want to throw away the pair you wore, disinfect them with soap and water or hand sanitiser.
  18. Sterilise the soles of the shoes you wore. If an infected person coughs, droplets containing the virus can land on the floor or ground. If someone walks on it, they can pick it up on their shoes and transport it home.
  19. It’s best to take a quick hot shower when you get home. Wash and condition your hair with Euca Coconut Hair Shampoo and Euca Floral Hair Conditioner.  Don’t forget to wash your face, too.
  20. Relax and reward yourself for prioritising the safety of yourself and others.

Some might view these tips as OTT, or even extreme. But amid a pandemic, you simply cannot be too careful. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If we make a collective effort to follow these guidelines, together we can prevent the spread of the coronavirus. To change the world, we must start with ourselves. So focus on the little things you can do, and watch as they add up.

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