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High Efficiency Washing Machines (HE Washing Machines)

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High efficiency washing machines, also known as HE washing machines, have technological features that reduce the amount of water and energy needed to clean a load of laundry. The average HE washing machines use AI to make over 100 decisions per cycle to deliver 65% energy savings.

The newest generation of washing machines use gentle rotating tumbling actions to wash the load. It’s re-designed shorter agitator, draws the load down into the water and detergent, to get cleaner clothes every time.

High Efficiency Washing Machine

Choosing HE Washing Machine Detergent

Built with energy efficiency in-mind, HE washing machines use less water in every wash. In turn, regardless of the type of washing machine (top or front loading), these machines require specific detergents such as Euca Laundry Powder or Euca Laundry Liquid with higher detergent concentration levels to get the best clean every time for your clothes.

Why Euca Laundry Powder and Liquid?

Created in the early 1900s, Euca was born out of the need for natural and effective cleaning products that are gentle on our loved ones and the environment. As a highly concentrated detergent, Euca products such as Euca Laundry Powder and Liquid are specially formulated for HE washing machines.

Made with pure Australian eucalyptus oil and as a premium concentrate, Euca contains less fillers that can damage your washing machine and stop it from performing well. With Euca, all you’ll need is to use a small amount for a better clean.

HE washing machines hold 40% more clothes than traditional washing machines. A single wash accordingly requires more detergent to achieve a thorough clean especially in large and extra-large loads. Therefore, it’s vital to keep both the quantity and quality of detergent used front of mind.

The rise of smart technology in high-efficiency washing machines allows you to do more laundry with less resources. Euca laundry detergents completely dissolve, leaving no trace of residue on your clothes you need to use less. With very low suds, Euca has everything that a HE washing machine needs.

If you aren’t using Euca’s laundry detergents yet. Try using less of your regular detergent in your HE washing machine. After all, less soap means less suds, right?

Testers have identified that simply using a smaller amount of the regular stuff won’t do the trick. This will confuse the HE washing machine and may potentially stop the machine from rinsing thoroughly, leaving residue on your clothes. You must use HE detergents that are designed to wash a lot of clothes, effectively under the right conditions.

Are you ready for cleaner clothes and want to protect your HE washing machine? Protect your loved ones and the environment, try Euca today!

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