Koala Clancy Foundation, in cooperation with Euca, plants trees for koalas on farms and private land to create new habitats and advocate for better protection of wild koalas.

Did you know that by purchasing Euca products, you’re supporting Koala Clancy’s initiative?

$0.05 per item sold goes towards rehoming wild koalas! Every time you purchase online, this donation goes directly to Koala Clancy and Bangalow Koalas. Isn’t that cool?

Though current restrictions have limited our physical activity, this hasn’t stopped Koala Clancy Foundation, which remains dedicated to its mission. Perhaps you’re wondering what the people at Koala Clancy have been up to these past few months. Here’s what they’ve accomplished since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Planted 9,000 trees

This year, the amazing team at Koala Clancy planted an incredible 9,000 new trees alongside rivers and streams in the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges, just west of Melbourne. These trees are in addition to the 7,500 trees that they planted from 2016 to 2019. These koala supertrees are their natural habitat that they lost a hundred years ago. Now, they are finally getting it back with the help of farmers and local volunteers.

Tree area clearing

Before the actual planting takes place in June- August 2021, there is a 9-month preparation phase. This initial phase involved various stages, from site assessment to selection of species and nursery orders.

Rescheduling Koala Conservation Day tickets

Once the Koala Conservation Days are able to run again, they will contact volunteers to reschedule their unused tickets.

Koalas are tough and adaptable creatures. They’ve been through hell before and survived. And with our help, hopefully they can make it through this, too.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected].

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