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Laundry Tips: Washing Baby Clothes

By September 29, 2019 No Comments

Washing baby clothes can be challenging for many parents. Your baby’s skin is sensitive and may react negatively to any chemicals found in supermarket laundry detergents. To ensure your baby’s clothes are washed with their delicate skin in mind, here are some laundry tips to help you get the safest and purest clean:

Safe Laundry tip #1: Avoid using harsh detergents

Regular detergents contain harsh chemicals that may irritate your baby’s skin. Using the mildest detergent on the market with few additives, alkalines and other harmful chemicals. Baby clothes aren’t exposed to tough dirt and grime. Hence, they don’t require harsh detergents to keep their clothes.

Safe Laundry tip #2: Avoid fabric softeners

You probably want your baby clothes to be soft and fluffy. However, fabric softeners tend to have artificial dyes and fragrances added that can cause discomfort to your child’s sensitive skin. Avoid allergic reactions and exclude fabric softeners when washing your baby’s clothes.

Safe Laundry tip #3: Avoid bleaching

Avoid bleaching baby clothes to keep harsh chemicals away from your child’s sensitive skin. But have no fear, you can still keep your baby looking fresh and clean without bleaching or using harmful products by pre-soaking stain clothes.

Safe Laundry tip #4: Pre-soak stained clothes

When treating stains, fast action is your best defense. Soak stained clothes in cold water immediately to avoid the stain from setting in. To ensure the stain is fully removed, use a soft-bristled nylon brush and gently brush the stained area. When dealing with tough stains, try a natural stain remover solution like hydrogen peroxide.

Safe Laundry tip #5: Read the washing labels carefully

Before washing your baby clothes, it’s advisable to read the labels first to give the proper care it needs. Some baby clothing, like sleepwear, requires extra washing care so pay attention to the labels and washing instructions.

Safe Laundry tip #6: Use mesh lingerie bags

Babies are tiny and so are their clothes. Their socks, mittens, and other accessories could get lost in your other laundry clothes especially when you wash them all together. For your baby’s laundry, use mesh lingerie bags and keep their tiny clothes altogether.

Choose Presious, our Super Gentle Laundry Powder

If you’re unsure of what detergent to use when washing baby clothes, EUCA has the super gentle laundry powder called Presious. Made with your little ones in mind, Presious is the mildest laundry powder you could find on the market and is all-natural, vegan and organic. Made from soothing pure vanilla, it is free of all harmful ingredients and chemicals and specially formulated for ultra-sensitive skin. Try it today!

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