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Living Green: Health Benefits of Eco-Friendly Living

By February 10, 2020 April 8th, 2020 No Comments

Eco-Friendly Living? Earth is the only living planet that we know and the only suitable place where we can live and thrive. However, as we all know, the planet Earth faces a lot of environmental problems as of late. Global warming, climate change, air and water pollution slowly and surely kill our mother Earth.

This, in turn, affects the lives of every living being (humans, plants and animals) and have to adapt to certain changes. Some cannot adapt to these changes and in turn, affects their overall health. But it is not too late to change it. We can still make lifestyle changes to help not just ourselves but also our Mother Earth.

Eco-Friendly or environmentally friendly living can change our lives and also save our planet one step at a time.

Here are the health benefits that can make you want to change to an eco-friendly person in a snap!

Health Benefit No. 1:

Breathe easier, live longer, be stronger.

Pollution can enhance asthma and allergies. It is also linked to lung cancer. Going green and eco-friendly can help clean the air space as it reduces the overall carbon dioxide emitted through its manufacturing and recycling processes. Thereby, improve your ability to breathe easier and live your life fully.

Health Benefit No. 2:

Healthier heart, longer time to depart.

Some of the particles in the air that come from pollution caused by fossil fuels can actually contribute to heart disease and cardiac issues. Reducing pollution with greener, eco-friendly energy practices can actually help your heart.

Health Benefit No. 3:

Avoid Infectious disease, put yourself with ease.

The spread of infectious diseases can be intensified through global warming as the by-products of our energy use are taken up and released into the atmosphere. By using natural eco-friendly products and by reducing your energy usage, you can help slow the spread of diseases and improve overall well-being.

Health Benefit No. 4:

Reduce acid rain, we don’t want pain.

Pollution from industrial manufacturers and fossil fuel use, including home energy consumption that makes increased demand, can cause acid precipitation. Since the implementation of the National Clean Air Agreement (2015), the incidence of harmful acid rain has been reduced. However, there is more to go.

Health Benefit No 5:

Avoid pesticides in food, those are never good.

Pesticides used on crops that are not certified organic, can cause sickness due to its harmful substance content and other health issues. When you choose produce that’s organically grown, it’s better for the environment, and for your health.

Health Benefit No. 6:

Eco-Friendly Cleaner, be greener.

Clean with healthier eco-friendly household cleaners. Many cleaning products that you simply purchase have harmful chemicals that can cause headaches, respiratory problems and enhance other health issues. You might notice a difference in your well-being and health when you stop using these chemical-filled products and replace them with eco-friendly household cleaners.

We recommend buying product cleaners from Euca (www.eucaonline.com.au) as we provide eco-friendly products. All of which range from disinfectants, multipurpose cleaners and types of surface cleaners that will surely keep your house and office spotless.

Health Benefit No. 7:

Save your financial health because health is wealth.

Finally, going green and eco-friendly can be good for your wallet. You can save money by bulk buying and re-filling your own household products. As well as save money on transportation costs when you adopt green eco-friendly practices. Most importantly, the cost of health insurance and medical expenses you will save on due to the healthy physical benefits of eco-friendly products.

Conclusion / Final Thoughts

At Euca we are proud of our eco-friendly cleaning products reputation. Euca Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products are designed to excel in performance and value while looking after your family, your washing machine and the environment.

For a list of our eco-friendly products, shop at www.eucaonline.com.au.

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