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The Story of Presious.

Hi, my name is Nina. My family is one of the things most dearest to my heart, so I consciously make choices that provide the least harm to my family and the environment, and from that I have chosen to lead a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Sadly my boys have suffered from asthma all their lives, I had severe dermatitis and have suffered from year-long hay fever symptoms.

I tried everything to relieve or stop these conditions, but when I went looking for laundry products and other skin creams that reflected my beliefs and values, I found it near impossible. This started my quest to create what was not available.

This is how Presious was born ….

The goal was to create organic and vegan laundry products with a superior cleaning ability and skin care that does little harm to our environment. This took some extensive research on the current crop of laundry products and balm manufacturers.

In the End, The Makers of “Euca” were chosen. 

Given they have been industry leaders for decades when it comes to eco-friendly and sustainable household cleaning products.

Needless to say, they were very excited to take on the challenge. The task was very straight forward — to develop a laundry powder, fabric softener and super gentle balm that was ORGANIC, VEGAN and included the benefits of pure VANILLA.

It took months and a thousand man-hours to develop, but we finally developed a wonderful suite of products that we can both truly be proud of.

Making a simple change to Presious has changed our lives. My beloved family and friends are precious to me. Your family and friends are precious to you. Having the knowledge that Presious contains no cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens or reproductive toxins (which are legally tolerated contaminants in many household products!) brings enormous satisfaction knowing I am doing the right thing by my family.We are all one Presious family.  Regards Nina and the whole Euca Team