Euca 10kg Laundry Powder Tub + Prewash + Pick Your Bonus Offer

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If you purchase this product you will earn Double Loyalty Points 200 Points worth $10.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn Double Loyalty Points 200 Points worth $10.00!

Euca’s Free Gift 🎁 Bundles are back for Christmas!

The bundle includes a 10KG Premium Laundry Powder Tub, our 1 Litre Prewash Super Concentrate, a Forever Refillable Bottle & a Free Gift. 

Choose from one of the below:

  • Euca Floor Cleaner Liquid 750ML – added Broad Spectrum Bactericide
  • Euca Glass & All Surface cleaner 500ml with trigger spray – 99.9% Germs
  • Euca Concentrated Tea Tree & Lemon Myrtle Dish washing Liquid 750ml
Just $100.00

10Kg Euca Eucalyptus Premium Laundry Powder Concentrate

Also available in a handy 10pk travel sachets, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 8kg Eco refill Box, 20kg drum and a new 4Kg Eco Box. Learn more here.

Euca’s Laundry Powder is now avaible with two essential oils and in the most ecological packaging we currently have. Euca is renowned for using Eucalyptus in nearly all of our Euca products. That’s where Euca was born, Euca being short for Eucalyptus. The team at Euca are also aware that there are some great alternatives in essential oils that not only perform as well as Eucalyptus, but offer a unique change in fragrance for those that do not prefer Eucalyptus.

Tested, and tested again to make sure all the key points of the original Eucalyptus Euca Laundry powder is met or surpassed.  Exceptional cleaning, 100% soluble, greywater and septic system safe, ecologically friendly, contains no nasties to upset allergy sufferers and as always will clean and look after your washing machine.

Still exceptionally concentrated so you will use less, which makes Euca such an economical value for money Laundry Product like no other.  Euca really saves you money.


A new solution today, to help us all for a better tomorrow.

Euca Super Concentrates 1.0 Litre Range
The team at Euca has been searching for ways to combat single-use plastics, and with the current global pandemic this has also highlighted our current reliance on imported “parts” that generally are also single-use, but can and should be re-used as many times as they allow us to. Our current 500ml trigger spray range was hit hard in this time, so we quickly introduced “re-use” your trigger sprayer by adding a 500ml refill bottle to our range.

We also have created our own “Forever Sprayer”  being a commercial grade sprayer and bottle. see info on the  CANYON  trigger sprayer here

This lead to the idea of how we can reduce the use of 500ml bottles even more – so we took the water out of the Euca blends – to make them “Super Concentrated” – no easy feat as we still want the product to be stable and not separate. success , so we then created the new “SUPER CONCENTRATE” range . so you can refill our forever sprayer ( or your own sprayer) again and again .

We hope this new 1lt range changes how we all buy cleaning products, and you can tell us via feedback if and when we then turn this range into 10lt containers or 20lt container – ahh I hear you say , those damn plastic drums – well stay tuned as Euca has our next release to surprise you – wine cask style BAG in a BOX is coming for our Liquid ranges.



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Euca Laundry Sanitiser Liquid – 1.5lt, Euca Floor Cleaner – 750ml, Euca Glass & All Surface Cleaner – 500ml with trigger spray, Euca Concentrated Tea Tree & Lemon Myrtle Dish Washing Liquid – 750ml


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