Euca 10lt Laundry Liquid + Prewash + Forever Sprayer + Pick Your Bonus Offer

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$100 – Euca 10kg refill + Castile + Free forever sprayer + choose your own Gift

If you purchase this product you will earn Double Loyalty Points 200 Points worth $10.00!
If you purchase this product you will earn Double Loyalty Points 200 Points worth $10.00!

Euca’s Free Gift 🎁 Bundles are back for Christmas!

The bundle includes a 10Ltr Laundry Liquid, our 4ltr Prewash, a Refillable Forever Bottle & a Free Gift. 

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Just $100.00

Euca Laundry Liquid is premium quality and ultra-concentrated – now with the colour removed.

 “We have taken the food colouring out of Euca Laundry Liquid”

The team at Euca have once again listened to our customers, and understand the need to remove unnecessary raw material items that are only there for aesthetic reasons.

Euca Laundry Liquid has been blue since its introduction in the mid 1970’s. The main reason being the market for laundry liquids all seemed to demand them to be blue. The blue look could also find its origins in some older forms of washing cleaners that were actually blue, but made of chemicals we would never think to add to Euca then or today.

Time has passed, and we think most people understand how colours originate, and blue is not a readily organic colour.  Time to take the blue out of Euca.

Please be assured, it’s the same blend otherwise, we have not altered its excellent cleaning ability, plus its still perfect for those with allergies and skin issues, plus perfect for grey water and septic systems!

In fact, we believe we have underestimated the concentrate blend of Euca Laundry Liquid, so we have corrected our own recommended usage advise on the new labels, as we now recommend to use “even less” than previously, we think it’s that good.

FRONT LOADER – Light wash = 20ml – Medium wash = 30ml – Heavy wash = 40ml

TOP LOADER – – Light wash = 30ml – Medium wash = 40ml – Heavy wash = 50ml


Euca Pre Wash Spray Stain Remover also in 500ml, 4lt & 10lt 

A new generation environmentally friendly natural cleaning product. Extremely effective in dissolving all kinds of soils, carbon, oils and grease.

  • Bio-Degradable Non-Flammable and Non-Caustic
  • Natural cleaning power of Citrus & Eucalyptus oils
  • Made without any nasty chemicals
  • Will not affect colours, patches, rubber or plastics
  • Light spray on stains before popping into the wash.
  • Use on fabric interiors, Carpet and other trim.

No Animals Harmed to make Euca – We Love all animals

No Added Colouring 




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Euca Laundry Sanitiser Liquid – 1.5lt, Euca Floor Cleaner – 750ML, Euca Glass & All Surface Spray – 500ml, Euca Concentrated Tea Tree & Lemon Myrtle Dish washing Liquid 750ml


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