Euca Coconut Hair Conditioner

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Euca Floral Hair Conditioner

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If you purchase this product you will earn Double Loyalty Points 22-680 Points worth $1.10-$34.00!

   Euca Vegan Blend Coconut Hair Conditioner with Calendula oil   

At Euca we are devoted to developing safe hair care products that produce more than just shiny hair.

Our Coconut Hair Conditioner is a vegan formulation that has not impacted on the earths ecology or harmed any animals in anyway….

Euca Conditioner is made using market leading plant technology that is better for hair and skin.

Known as a “high active product” that contains a high percentage of calendula oil to protect and nourish.

No Animals Harmed to make Euca – We Love all animals 



Don’t apply conditioner to sopping-wet hair. If your hair is too wet, the product slides off and can’t penetrate or coat the fibers. Be sure to wring out your hair before applying conditioner.


Use the correct amount. The amount of conditioner you use depends on your hair type and length. Read our guide on how much conditioner to use.


Apply the product to the ends of your hair only. Focus on the oldest, most damaged sections. Using conditioner on the scalp and roots can lead to over-conditioning.


Distribute the product evenly. Use a wide-toothed comb after application to ensure every strand of hair has been treated.


Allow the conditioner to absorb. Your wait time depends on the type of product you use. A rinse-out conditioner only needs a minute or two to absorb, whereas a deep treatment takes much longer.


Rinse thoroughly. Rinse until your hair feels fully clean and there’s no slippery texture to your hair.



Water, Coconut Oil, Calendula Officinalis L. flower extract (Calendula Oil), Polyquaternium, Trideceth, Dimethicone and NO added colours

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