Euca Concentrated Laundry Liquid 1.5lt + Laundry Powder 2Kg buy $30

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Euca Laundry Powder now with two essential oils, in the most ecological packaging we currently have. Euca is well renowned for using Eucalyptus in nearly all Euca products. That’s where Euca comes from, short for Eucalyptus. The team at Euca are also aware that there are some great alternatives in essential oils that not only perform as well as Eucalyptus, but offer a unique change in fragrance for those that do not prefer Eucalyptus.   Euca Laundry Liquid has been blue since its introduction in the mid 1970’s. The main reason being the market for laundry liquids all seemed to demand them to be blue. The blue look could also find its origins in some older forms of washing cleaners that were actually blue, but made of chemicals we would never think to add to Euca then or today.


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