Euca Lavender Laundry Powder 8kg & 4kg

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If you purchase this product you will earn Double Loyalty Points 33-59 Points worth $0.75-$1.34!

Euca is well renowned for using Australian Eucalyptus oils in nearly all Euca products. That’s where the name Euca comes from, being short for Eucalyptus. The team at Euca are also aware that there are some great alternatives in essential oils that not only perform as well as Eucalyptus, but offer a distinctive change in your washing fragrance.

Try our limited edition Euca Laundry Powder with Lavender. The fragrance from the oils of the lavender plant is believed to help promote calmness and wellness. It’s also said to help reduce stress, anxiety, and possibly even mild pain. Enjoy the aromatic fragrance of lavender in your laundry this winter!

Limited edition Lavender Laundry Products } Euca Online

Enjoy the beautiful aromatic natural fragrance of the Lavender in your laundry! 

Tested, and tested again.

Changing the essential oil was no easy task, as being a powder it’s a tricky process to blend an oil and solid together. This meant a lot of testing to make sure all the key points of the original Euca Eucalyptus Laundry powder were either met or surpassed.

Exceptional cleaning.

As always Euca is 100% soluble, grey water and septic system safe, ecologically friendly, contains no nasties to upset allergy sufferers and as always will clean and look after your washing machine. Still exceptionally concentrated so you use less, which makes Euca such an economical &value for money Laundry Product.  Euca Saves you money.

No Plastics – Euca New Eco Boxes and Corn Starch liners.

Packed in cardboard outers made from recycled paper, plus Euca’s unique Corn Starch liner bag to hold the powder. Corn Starch will break down in soil or compost. You can put into the normal waste as it will decompose in landfill.Either use your current Euca Plastic tub to refill or use your own container.  Let’s all do our bit to reduce / remove plastics from the world. formation. Normal trading terms apply.

Euca Lavender Laundry Powder Range

Why use Euca Laundry Powders?

  • A Premium Concentrate – so you will use less
  • Removes stubborn soils & stains
  • Ideal in Hot or Cold water washing
  • H.E. Washing Machine Safe
  • Low allergenic so it is kind on sensitive skin
  • Low in Sodium and phosphate
  • Top and Front loading machines
  • Suitable for septic, bio and greywater systems
  • Euca actually cleans and protects the inside of your machine, so it lasts longer and smells fresh as well

No animals are ever harmed in the process of making Euca – we Love all animals big and small. We do not use any palm oil in our products and our products and factory are paraben-free. 

Q: How much Euca should I use?

A: Euca is a pure concentrate – so use less, save money!

Laundry Powder
Front Loader: Approx half a scoop (20gms)
Top Loader:  Approx one scoop (40gms)
Hand Wash:  Approx half a scoop (20gms) mixed with warm water before immersing garment.
Note: One Scoop = 40gms
We supply 20gram scoops for Dishwashing Powder here.
We supply 20gram scoops for small sized Laundry Powders here.
We supply 40gram scoops for larger sized laundry powders here.
The 2kg bottle we recommend the use of the cap as its measure.


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