Euca Liquid Range Starter Kit + a Bonus 500ml Botanical

$108.02 $85.00

Our “Special Selection” of the best Euca Liquids in the 1.5lt size for laundry and 500ml spray packs for the rest of the home. Included in this is our unique Smell Expell odour remover.

Perfect selection for any Laundry, Bathroom and Kitchen.

These are what we believe to be …the cream of the crop.

This Kit includes;

  • Euca 1.5Lt Laundry Liquid
  • Euca 1.5Lt Soft Wash
  • Euca 1.5lt Fabo Fabric conditioner
  • Euca 750ml Dishwashing Liquid
  • Euca Universal all surface cleaner polisher
  • Euca 500ml TUFF
  • Euca 500ml Glass and All Surface Cleaner
  • Euca 500ml Smell Expell
  • and a FREE 500ml Botanical Hand and Body wash
  • No Animals Harmed to make Euca – We Love all animals 
  • No Palm Oil used in Euca Products 


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