Lightning ISD – Parts Washing Fluid – 4lt & 10lt – Non Flammable & Non Caustic. Use in Parts Wash Machines.



Instant Solvent Degreaser (ISD) Parts Washing Fluid

100% Australian Made and owned

Multipurpose, non-hazardous cleaner degreaser and parts washing fluid

A new generation non caustic and non-flammable formula with added rust

Can be Diluted using other solvents

Dries leaving a protective film surface

Quick break formulation

Extremely effective in dissolving carbon, oils and grease.

Perfect for all domestic, industrial and mechanical work

Will not affect, non-ferrous metals, alloys, rubber, paint or plastics

Is correctly formulated for all grease traps

For use in all parts washing equipment.


More information;

Due to the ever increasing Health and Safety regulations on storage and transportation of dangerous goods, there has been an obvious need for a Solvent Degreaser / parts washing fluid that is tough enough to do the job, but have a flash point higher than 62°.

ISD from Lightning Products is such a product. Approved as non-hazardous, non-caustic and also non-flammable, so is recognised as NON DANGEROUS GOODS so can be transported and stored without the need for dangerous goods signage so does not attract higher freight chargers and makes storage easier.

ISD does not contain those caustic chemicals found in other so called cheaper degreasers that are harmful to you the user, plus also to those precious alloy metals you are cleaning plus also the environment. ISD can be used as a general degreaser as well as a parts washer fluid, which is safe to use in all types and brands of parts washers. It is ideal for all ferrous and non-ferrous items and is also safe on all paint work.

Lightning also added a rust inhibitor so your parts can be washed off with clean water to leave a dry and protected metal surface. It is also a “quick break” formulation that can be used in conjunction with triple interceptors and sump filtering systems for OH&S collection of excess greases from cleaning.

Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs, from the handy 750ml spray pack, the 4lt home and workshop size, through to the commercial mechanic and industrial sizes of 10lt and 20lt.

200lt and more is also available upon request.


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