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Sprinkle: A Powerful Powder Floor-Degreaser

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Scrubbing the grease off floors is a tiresome task, and one that requires a good-quality cleaner. When searching for the perfect floor-degreaser there are a few boxes you want to tick off before deciding on a brand. Have a read below and see if you can spot the consistent element threaded throughout.

Choose a cleaner that can fight stubborn grease.

Sometimes, no matter how much of your back you put into it, the grease just refuses to lift off your workshop floor or walls. There are a few reasons this may be happening, but most likely, your liquid cleaning product just isn’t strong enough. So, you need to think beyond the old spray and wipe and start celebrating the power of powder. Sprinkle is a powder floor-degreaser, that is designed to safely clean and remove grease from floors and walls without the negative effect of chemical-based products.

Choose a cleaner that does not harm the environment.

Finding a cleaning product that doesn’t contain chemicals and toxins can be tricky. After all, who really understands the science jargon on the label? Lucky, we all know what fruit is, and we all understand what citric acid and orange-peel oil is – which is exactly what Sprinkle is manufactured with. But it doesn’t end with what’s inside, the outside matters too! Countless bottles of single-use plastics are thrown away each day, and it’s seriously hurting our environment. So, if you want to do your bit, it’s important to know that one box of Sprinkle powder is equivalent to 10 plastic bottles of liquid cleaner. This means, not only are you saving money by purchasing a bulk product, but you are selecting a biodegradable material that will not have an adverse impact on the environment.

Choose a cleaner that protects the surfaces it is used on.

The whole point of cleaning your workshop floors and walls is to present them in a clean and neat manner. So, there is very little point in destroying the exact surface you want to show off! Some cleaners can easily erode floors and walls when trying to combat grease, but others understand the process and are designed to be safe on paints and tiles. Sprinkle is non-caustic and will not corrode the surfaces you use it on, including interceptor systems. It is also safe to use on skin and won’t cause burns or damage to your work wear.

Choose a floor cleaner that is non-slip.

Safety is of the utmost importance when cleaning floors. To eliminate the risk of falling, and sliding along the surface, having a non-slip cleaner is the best way to go. As a powerful floor-degreaser, Sprinkle is designed to reduce grease and grime without collecting or recombining to create a dangerous slipping hazard, and ensures no one hurts themselves when cleaning or walking on the floors.

We know that no one truly loves to clean, especially when the dirt and grime just isn’t budging. But we also know that good hygiene, and a safe environment are essential to your health and safety. Euca ensures none of our products contain harmful chemicals or toxins, but still get the job done each and every time.

Find Spinkle in the Euca Online Store here.

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