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EUCA Sprinkle Floor Degreaser Powder Power

By November 4, 2019 April 7th, 2020 No Comments

Want a budget friendly alternative for effectively cleaning your floors? In addition to our household cleaning products, we’re introducing SPRINKLE, a powerful powder floor-degreaser cleaner. Unlike the common floor degreasers in the market today which are mostly caustic, Sprinkle Powder is very eco-friendly and economical on the budget.

Want to know how powerful and amazing the Sprinkle product is? Treat yourself with some Sprinkle Powder cleaning power and more:

Sprinkle Floor Degreaser Power #1: It fights stubborn grease.

Scrubbing grease off the floors is a mountainous task. But thanks to Sprinkle Powder you no longer have to endure such labour. Sprinkle is designed to remove grease from floors, walls and anything in between. It is made to be used through triple interceptor oil and grease removal systems. With its powerful formulation, it can make the worst degreased floor looking like new concrete again.

Sprinkle Powder Power #2: It doesn’t contain chemicals and toxins.

Sprinkle is formulated with the power of citric acid and orange peel oil. These are powerful enough to lift the grease off your floors and walls. Unlike most liquid degreasers that contain surfactant, which makes the solution foamy and slippery without having enough cleaning power, Sprinkle is a concentrated powder.

Sprinkle Powder Power #3: It is economical to use.

One box of Sprinkle Powder is equivalent to 10 plastic bottles of liquid degreaser-cleaner! Therefore, using Sprinkle Powder can not only save you money but also scrubbing effort since it has more cleaning power.

Sprinkle Powder Power #4: It protects the surface it is used on.

Sometimes, scrubbing the floor can result to damaging the floor surface. At EUCA, we understand that the whole point of cleaning is to present every surface in a clean and neat manner. Sprinkle is guaranteed non-caustic, safe on tiles and paints, safe on skin, and will not corrode the surfaces you used it on.

Sprinkle Powder Power #5: It is non-slip.

Liquid caustic degreasers tend to leave floors with a slippery film on the surface, making it susceptible for accidents. Sprinkle leaves a totally non-slip surface all the time so there is no risk of falling, slipping, and any forms of accidents caused by slippery floors.

Sprinkle Powder Power #6: It uses a non-plastic packaging.

With our pledge to help Australia reduce the use of plastics, our team at EUCA has introduced a new eco-friendly packaging box and liners. These are made of cornstarch liner bags that easily break down in soil or compost.

What are you waiting for?! Try our new Sprinkle Powder Floor Degreaser Cleaner and experience its true power on your floors, walls and other greased surfaces..

Shop here and sprinkle the fun in cleaning!

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