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Washing Denim The Right Way

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Denim is a pretty special piece of clothing that is highly functional and carries a fashion statement. They’re timeless and can go with almost any piece of clothing. Denim can be anything you want to be – rugged, sexy, casual and carefree. Almost everyone feels comfortable in it so it’s no wonder why denim clothing is a must-have in every wardrobe. But is there a technique for washing denim right way?

Even though denim is made out of a tougher material, they still require special attention and care.

Here’s our ultimate guide to washing your denim the right way to ensure that they stay fabulous and vibrant through the years.


Washing Denim #1: Wash it before and after your first wear

Getting a new denim garment is exciting but don’t wear it yet without washing. A lot of people tend to ignore this and just simply skip the idea of washing without a thought. New denim can bleed dye, damaging your other clothing. It’s really important to wash it separately first to let the dye bleed out and to give you an idea of how soon you can safely wash it with other pieces of denim. Washing your denim before the first wear is just as important as washing it after because there’s still a risk of dye transfer.


Washing Denim #2: Wash it separately from other clothes

It’s best to load your denim separately according to their colour. Dark-coloured denim should be washed separately to avoid colour transfer. New denim has a tendency to lose a lot of colour and washing them separately means no risk of dye transfer. Light-coloured denim can be washed with other coloured clothing given the denim are not new.


Washing Denim #3: Avoid washing it too frequently

Washing your denim pieces too often can cause its colour to fade sooner than it should. As the colour fades, the texture of the denim thins out as well. It is recommended to wash your denim once a month to preserve its quality and texture.


Washing Denim #4: Do wash your denim

While washing it too frequently is not good, not washing your denim also is not advisable. The denim collects dirt while you wear them and is prone to normal wear and tear. Some people skip the washing because they want to maintain the original colour as much as possible and to achieve a unique fading. What they don’t know is dirt that stays on the fabric causes fading as well.


Washing Denim #5: Always turn them inside out before loading into the washer

Turning your denim inside out before washing minimises abrasion and wearing out. It’s much safer to have the inside part exposed to abrasion so the colour won’t fade easily throughout the washing cycle. Don’t forget to zip the zippers, empty the pockets, and fasten button and snaps to maintain its shape and prevent snagging other items in the load.


Washing Denim #6: Always pre-treat stains

Remove stains promptly as soon as you spot them. Stains are harder to remove when it’s already loaded in the washer especially with cold water so it’s important to pre-treat it. We recommend our EUCA Natural Pre Wash Stain Remover. It is made without nasty chemicals and does not affect colours, patches, rubbers or plastics. Lightly spray on the stained area before popping the denim into the washer. For heavier stains, pour a small amount in a sink and soak for a short period before wash.


Washing Denim #7: Use the right amount and kind of detergent

Denim may be sturdier than your other garments but it still needs thorough washing. If possible, use colour-safe bleach together with detergent to completely the dirt. Use the right amount of detergent as well. Using too little detergent creates a risk of not having enough cleaning agent to get your denim cleaned. Overusing creates too much suds which lowers the washing performance so it’s a problem too. Depending on how light or heavy the dirt is, put the right amount for a better washing result.

Use our fast-acting EUCA Concentrated Laundry Liquid together with EUCA Laundry Soaker Brightener to achieve a better clean and brighter colour with your denim. These are safe to use not only on clothes but on your washer as well.


Washing Denim #8: Tumble dry on low heat and let them air dry

When drying denim, tumble dry them on delicate to low heat settings. Adding in some dryer balls keeps them tumbling and helps them to dry evenly. Don’t over-dry them in the machine to prevent shrinkage. It’s better to take them out while they’re still damp and just hang them to air dry. This way, your denim can last longer and stay in shape better.

Just like any piece of garment, denim is exposed to normal wear and tear. Taking care of them the right way is important to preserve its quality for longer use. Keep this ultimate guide in mind whenever you’re dealing with your denim so you can treat them with proper care.

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