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Why Euca use a Koala in our logo?                                 

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The iconic Australian Koala is perhaps our favourite native animal, they are so lovable and represent a lot of what our company and products are about, so it was a natural choice to adopt as our logo and mascot.

The story behind where it all began.

I guess it all began about 32 years ago when I built a house on a 5 acre lot of land which was a subdivided wheat farm and as such a flat barren piece of land. The first need was to establish some vegetation and tree wind brakes on the property, even before building began.

I selected eucalyptus trees, mainly Red River Gums (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis) and Eucalyptus Globulus as they were hardy and quick growing.

With the help of my “green thumb” mother we planted over 800 trees of which 90% of the Eucalyptus survived. The house was built and the trees grew well over the 8 years we lived there. We eventually down sized and sold the property to a friend.  A few years later I had a call from the friend I sold the house to who told me,

“We have our first Koala family living in the trees on the property.”

Why Euca use a Koala in our Logo?

I cannot tell you my excitement and joy, I was quite overwhelmed and proud that indirectly I had turned around an environmentally damaged piece of land back to a natural habitat for native animals and all the other benefits that are derived from a natural environment and the positive outcomes that trees create.

From that day on I have been sold on eucalyptus and protecting our precious flora and fauna. We can rehabilitate barren land and provide a future for our wildlife and ourselves.

So please plant a tree seedling for a better future for all and always buy only environmentally friendly products.

Leigh Goodall | Founder and Owner of Euca Laundry and Household Cleaning Products

The main similarities we see between our “Euca” brand and the Koala include:

  • Firstly we founded our Laundry Products using 100% Pure Australian Eucalyptus, which is our main link to the Koala,
  • Euca and Koala are both all Australian – “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie”.
  • Our company loves all Australian flora and fauna and actively supports our passion by creating household cleaning products that are totally environmentally safe.

To give back to the Australian Koala community and the foundations who support them, Euca is always searching for new initatives. A few are listed below:

  • Euca (Proud Products P/L) have adopted our own Koala, Pearl who lives at the Ballarat Wildlife Park.
  • We are also strong supporters of the “Koala Foundation” and also the Koala hospital in NSW.
  • Euca now donate 5c from the sale of every product to Bangalow Koalas and Clancy Koala Foundations. Euca Supports these foundations as reforestation of the “correct” Eucalypt trees in the right places to help repopulate Koalas is vital. Initially, Euca was planning to add Eucalypt seeds in each product so all our customers could plant trees for Koalas across Australia. To reforest trees to suit in each area would be a nightmare, so we have now focused on supporting the below two foundations. Not for profit and who are actually focused on Koalas survival by creating new habitat for them. If you are a foundation in other states who would like our support please contact us, we would love to help.

Please help and support these great teams:

Bangalow Koalas  – NSW, QLD or

Koala Clancy Foundation – VIC

Learn more of about our company and explore our environmentally sound products here.

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