Euca’s pursuit for exceptional customer service

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Euca and Lightning sell in a market that is full of identical type cleaning products that do similar job applications. Some competitors have marketing budgets far in excess than what Euca and Lighting has, so for us to stay in production and to keep growing and innovating this long, we have to be very good at two things.

  1. Exceptional Customer service.
  2. Exceptional quality products

The team at Lightning go out of their way to surprise and delight, and always like to use the old fashioned way of communicating. It’s not a major pioneering strategy, but one to keep dear to your everyday working ethos.

The Contact tab on this website allows easy access to real people (Humans) living in Australia, who care about the reason you are communicating with Lightning / Euca or Euca on line. Try it, and see real old fashioned service and polite conversation.


[P]0452 124 537

[A] 18-20 George Street Sandringham VIC 3191