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This is the best! Seriously

Started using it about 6 months ago and i no longer have weird itchy skin!
Also the clothes seem to be cleaner than i remember using other cleaners.
I think once you use it you'll struggle with the usual smelly powders that are out there.


Love it !

The smell is amazing . As soon as i open the container i am greeted with the fresh fragrant smell.
You don't need much powder to achieve clean clothes every time.

T Penks

Worth the money.

I’m happy with the purchase and satisfied with how it washes my baby clothes and all clothes in general, whether they are colored and white.
I bought the 10kg and got a bonus glass cleaner which is also very good.
I will defenetly buy it again.


Great product!

I have been using Euca laundry powder for years. It washes very well, and doesn’t leave a strong fragrance like other brands.

I wash a variety of clothes from kids clothes to tradesman workwear and it washes everything perfectly. With small children I wanted to wash their clothes with something more natural, not full of chemicals and that would not irritate their skin. I also love that I can buy the big 10kg tub!


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Laundry Soaker Euca
Euca Peppermint Dishwashing Powder

The Benefits of Euca

  • Euca is mild, gentle and healthy on your skin and on your washing machine as it contains 35 times fewer salts and fillers than common brands.
  • Our cleaning products are eco-friendly products that are Australian made with locally sourced produce.
  • Euca has a natural eco-system pH of 6-8.
  • 100% soluble, so there will be no “washing soap debris” on your clothes post-wash.
  • Euca doesn’t cause skin and bronchial allergies as it is free of harsh alkalis, fillers, and synthetic perfumes.
  • Euca is grey water safe and septic system safe.
mother and daughter removing clothes from a washing machine

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Feel Safe With Euca

Euca cleaning products are independently tested by Lanfax laboratories so we can assure you that Euca is amongst the lowest of cleaning products in all trace elements associated with environmental degradation. Euca is Filler, Seolites, SLS, Enzyme & Palm Oil free and guarantee. We do not use any materials tested on animals. Euca has a reputation of helping those with skin diseases and allergies. At Euca we are proud that our eco-cleaning products are able to provide a washing solution that delivers young families with safe, soft, natural smelling clothes and bed linen. Euca laundry powder and liquid do not contain added perfumes. The freshness you feel and smell is the natural Eucalyptus fragrance as it dissipates after drying. Are you environment-friendly and looking for budget-friendly laundry and household cleaning products that are Australian made? Then Euca cleaning products are for you!