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Eucalyptus Laundry & Household Cleaning

EUCA is a leading producer of premium laundry and unique household cleaning products & detergents. Our eucalyptus and citrus products are designed to perform, be economical on your pocket and kind to allergy prone skin. 100% Australian Made & Owned.Eucalyptus is a powerful natural cleaner and as suggested by our name “EUCA”, we specialize in environment-friendly cleaning products sourced from Eucalyptus & Citrus. Explore the entire Euca product range here.

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Browse our website to find your eco-friendly laundry and household cleaning products. At Euca we've got all your laundry and household cleaning product needs covered. From laundry powder and detergent to dishwashing disinfectants and day to day households cleaning products. If you are overwhelmed by our wide range of online cleaning products, check out the starter combo kit that comes with free delivery. Let yourself & family benefit from nature’s finest and kindest eco cleaning products with EUCA.

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Feel Safe with Euca Laundry & Household Cleaning Products

Euca cleaning products are independently tested by Lanfax laboratories so we can assure you that Euca is amongst the lowest of cleaning products in all trace elements associated with environmental degradation. Euca is Filler, Seolites, SLS, Enzyme & Palm Oil free and guarantee. We do not use any materials tested on animals. Euca has a reputation of helping those with skin diseases and allergies. At Euca we are proud that our eco-cleaning products are able to provide a washing solution that delivers young families with safe, soft, natural smelling clothes and bed linen. Euca laundry powder and liquid do not contain added perfumes. The freshness you feel and smell is the natural Eucalyptus fragrance as it dissipates after drying. Are you environment-friendly and looking for budget-friendly laundry and household cleaning products that are Australian made? Then Euca cleaning products are for you!