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Costly Mistakes That Can Damage Your Washing Machine

By May 21, 2018 November 12th, 2018 No Comments

Modern life has made your washing machine an indispensable appliance. You may not be aware of it, but the way you are doing laundry may be detrimental to the longevity of your washing machine. Here are some things to avoid to keep it in tip-top condition.

Washing Clothes Covered in Pet Hair

It’s a real hassle to remove pet hair from your clothes, towels and beddings. Because of static, it can tenaciously cling to fabric which can be a cause of much frustration. You might be tempted to just toss them in the washer as a quick fix, but when pet hair becomes excessive, it can clump together and clog your washing machine’s drain pipes. This can prevent your machine from working efficiently. Invest in a vacuum cleaner or a least a lint remover. Adhesive tape can also pick up fur but will be a lot more time consuming.

Neglecting to Regularly Clean Your Washing Machine Drum

Clean your washer once a month by running a wash without any clothes in it. Commonly known as a tub clean, this helps remove detergent build-up and other residues. Most washing machines have this function. In fact we recommend an empty machine wash when you first use Euca as you will be surprised how much gunk comes out. A number of washing machine repair comapnies use Euca to clean washing machines before they commence any other repairs. Using Euca Laundry products as part of your normal wash is a natural washing machine cleaner. The eucalyptus in Euca Laundry products breaks down the build up of filler and gunk in your washing machine.
When the cycle is completed, wipe the tub with a soft cloth to remove leftover dirt. Leave the machine lid open to allow it to dry. Check the manufacturer’s manual for recommended care and maintenance.

Not Checking Pockets

With a busy schedule, you want to get chores done right away. But you may be forgetting to check the pockets of your clothes before loading them in the wash. It may contain coins, keys or other small items that may clog and cause great damage to the appliance. A foreign object can make its way through the pump filter and cause blockage. One indication that something is stuck in the drum is when the machine starts to make strange knocking noises. It is important to get rid of It immediately because it can cause the drum to puncture and flood your home.

Using Detergents with Fillers

Most synthetic detergents contain fillers. They are used as binding materials as well as inexpensive bulking agents that clever manufacturers use to trick customers into thinking they are getting more product. The most common filler in powdered detergents is sodium sulphate which is responsible for the granular powdery texture. Fillers do not improve the detergent’s efficacy and may even be harmful to your health and also affect the durability of your washing machine. Fillers do not completely dissolve and leave residues that can affect the performance of your washer. It can also be detrimental to septic systems.

A better alternative to synthetic detergents are Euca laundry products. Euca has eco-friendly detergents that utilise the power of Eucalyptus to naturally clean and disinfect. Euca uses ingredients that are 100% soluble, so you can be sure there will be debris or residue on your clothes or in your washing machine. It does not contain fillers, seolites, SLS, enzyme or palm oil. In fact, grey water that results from washing clothes with Euca products is safe to re-use in watering your garden. The company is also committed to never testing their products on animals.

Keep your washing machine in good working condition and avoid the headache of costly repairs with Euca laundry products. For more information visit https://www.eucaonline.com.au

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