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Eco-friendly Cleaning: Euca, Compostable Bags & Corn?

By April 24, 2019 No Comments

At Euca, we’re passionate about providing Australians with world class Eco-friendly cleaning products and delivering them in recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Making it easier for you to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle! Industry best practice product packaging & shipping trends are transforming rapidly to reduce excessive waste. However, many modern-day product packaging materials still have a damaging and long-lasting environmental impact and have a long way to go. At Euca, we recognise the significant environmental impact of packaging. Reducing pollution through making the reuse and recycling of our packaging and containers is paramount to our brand values.

The team at Euca are always actively looking at ways to improve and reduce our footprint on nature. We don’t only make eco-friendly cleaning products, but we spend a lot of time researching for sustainable alternatives to reduce our carbon footprint when we go to market.

We sell our famous Euca Powder in recyclable plastic tubs, that are strong and reusable for other projects around the house. Then one day one of our customers asked us, “why don’t we have a refill option”?

This triggered a review of how we could better package and sell Euca as a refill and cut back even further on our plastic usage.

Simply packaging our loose, refillable products into a plastic or wax lined box for transport would be highly cost effective. However, our research shows that the addition of a liner onto the box surface renders the cardboard non-recyclable, or at least very difficult to recycle.

So, the search started for some sort of “carrier” for our laundry powder while it’s in transit inside a cardboard box. During this search, someone came into the office to change the rubbish bins for our non-recyclable or compost waste and this sparked an idea. What if we could use organic bin liners, that would typically be used for the collection of organic compostable waste?

This introduced us to Compost-a-pak bags. The magic ingredient used to create these bags is corn. They are made from vegetable material and are Australian certified compostable, making them a sustainable and natural alternative to plastic bags. Corn has been selected as it is an annually renewable crop. Unlike trees, corn can re-grow and be harvested in a single season.

Resin is extracted from a combination of corn starch, biodegradable ingredients, and some propriety elements. From this, bags are then made in a range of sizes and thicknesses. The bags are designed specifically for Euca products, and to strict standards of thickness for durability. The bags are then printed with soy-based, non-toxic printing inks, ready for Euca to carry our laundry products in.

According to worldwide standards, compostable products should be broken down by at least 90% within 90 days in a commercial composting facility. Compost-A-Pak® products were shown to biodegrade 99% in half the time!

At Euca, our priority is making sure we do the hard work to help you live more sustainably. So, whether it’s our Eco-friendly cleaning products, packaging or community initiatives, protecting the environment for future generations is at the core of what we do. Explore the Euca Product range and start living an more sustainable lifestyle today!

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