A clean place is a safe place. However, the process of cleaning generally requires using a of variety of cleaning products and cleaning products themselves can have harmful chemicals that sometimes can cause harm to your family. Keeping your home spotless is tough enough. So how can you go about carrying out safe and spotless cleaning your house safely?

There are a few steps you can take to reduce the amount of chemicals present in cleaning products used. Below are some tips to ensure your homes are clean and safe at the same time.


Do some research about your cleaning products. As most manufacturers don’t disclose the list of chemicals in their products, it’s better to be vigilant. Being aware of chemicals present in cleaning products that you should definitely avoid will help you choose the best products for a safe and spotless clean every time.

Be Cautious

When cleaning your house, use protective gloves and other safety precautions all the time. Make sure the area you are cleaning is well-ventilated. Open your windows every time you use sprays and disinfectants. This way you are safeguarding yourself and family from inhaling unnecessary and unhealthy chemicals.

Use Commercial Products in Moderation

Some commercial products are safe to use even when they contain chemicals. These products are oxygen-based and sulfite-based which are better options than chlorine bleach and ammonia. When used correctly and in moderation, it can make your homes clean without harming anyone.

Use Mild Products If Possible

Some areas of the house do not require deep cleaning and can be treated with mild products available in your kitchen. Two great examples are baking soda and vinegar which are stars of the many DIY homemade cleaning recipes. You can use these on your surfaces, windows, countertops and sinks for safe and spotless cleaning.

Check The Labels

Once you have an idea of which harmful chemical to look out for, check the labels of your cleaning products to see if contains such toxins. Also, read the instructions on how to use the product properly as some require extra precautions. Look out for ‘warning’, ‘caution’ and ‘dangerous’ words.

Be Extra Careful With Your Food-Prep Areas

Your kitchen table and countertops are the common food-prep areas. Make sure to use non-toxic products when cleaning those areas to ensure there are no chemical residues left behind to get on your food.

Beware of Mixing Cleaning Products

Reading your product labels is helpful to make sure you are using the products for their intended purpose. Some products like bleach and ammonia can become dangerous when mixed with other products. Instead of experimenting on mixing, shop for products that are biodegradable, non-hazardous, non-irritating and low in VOC or volatile organic compound as these products are much safer to use and mix together.

Don’t Overuse Antibacterial Properties

The overuse of these products such as soap and sanitisers can risk enriching your home with more germs and nasties that are resistant to germ-destroying agents. For hand cleaning, sometimes all you need is just a good old hand soap and water. For your safety and health, it’s best to use broad Spectrum Bacteriacide products in moderation.

Keep Your Cleaning Child-Safe

If you have children in your house, keep all your cleaning products out of their reach. Always empty your cleaning buckets as the water left there might pose danger to your kids. When storing your buckets, be sure it is upside down and out of your children’s reach so they can’t play with it.

Label Your Cleaning Products

Labelling your cleaning products is a safe way to safeguard members of your family from potential risks. It is also helpful for you not to get mixed up or confused. Keep your cleaning products in their original containers and store them properly. For homemade cleaning products, use clean and new containers for storage.

Keep Yourself Clean and Safe from Harm

After cleaning your house, don’t forget to clean yourself too! Wash away all the dirt and possible residues left on your clothes and skin.

These tips may seem basic but they will keep your loved ones from harm.  Steer clear from any products and chemicals that may cause harm and keep your home a safe and happy one.

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– Euca does not make any claim that our products specifically eliminate the current worldwide pandemic problem, but our articles and blogs do outline the best process for the removal of germs through thorough cleaning as well as disinfecting.
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