Euca’s Eucalyptus Oil come’s from Australia, naturally.

Eucalyptus and the oils produced are native to Australia. The many uses of the natural extract were initially explored by Dennis Considen and John White, surgeons on the first Fleet. They found that after distilling leaves from the Eucalypt Myrtaceae and Piperita, found growing on the shores in Port Jackson 1788, that the oil extracted from these and then other varieties could be Used to successfully treat the convict population for many aliments.

The eucalyptus oils benefits were soon realised in the medical, perfumery and industrial industries around the World and seedlings shipped to many countries for propagation.

The Eucalypt tree was very successfully in surviving many climates and conditions and was used in land reclamation and areas where swamps and desert were reclaimed, as they are renowned for removing water from soils, plus being hardy to survive in desolate landscapes.  The trees were also used for lumber, wood pulp (paper products) as well as the essential oil from its leaves, a real wealth provider for all.

Story of Euca's Eucalyptus Oil Factory
Story of Euca's Eucalyptus Oil Factory

The Australian Aboriginals used leaf infusions as a traditional medicine for treating body pain, sinus, congestion, fever and colds.  The oil became popular in World War 1, when it quelled a Meningitis outbreak during the 1919 influenza epidemic.

There are more than 700 species of eucalyptus but only a few are harvested for their oil, being eucalyptus Smithii, e.g.: Globulus and Polybractia due to their high “cineole” content, the most sought-after fraction of the oil and the highest yielding (about 2-5% leaf mass) leaves.

Eucalyptus oil excels in many areas of commerce being; Pharmaceutical for disinfesting, insect repellent, antimicrobial in foods and preservative, deodoriser, decongestant, penetrant and personal hygiene products.  Its solvency and cleaning power are exceptional and is used in the ‘EUCA’ brand products for this reason and more.

The Eucalyptus oil used in all ‘EUCA’ products comes from a renowned Australian distiller. G.R Davis from West Wyalong and Queanbeyan NSW. Plantations are well looked after with ground mass cleared regularly to prevent forest fires, as well as Koala populations observed, monitored and cared for. Quite the eco farming institution.

  1. R David distil several high cineole trees such as Eucalyptus Smithii, Citriodora, Globulus and Polybractea (Blue Mallee) being the oil we (Euca) use exclusively. We do not use any imported oils.

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