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Greasy Floor Problems: How To Tackle Them

By January 6, 2019 December 9th, 2019 No Comments

Greasy floors are indeed unsightly. If not treated properly, it will collect a lot of dirt and debris and will soon spread the grease to other floor areas. The next thing you know, you’re already slipping and falling hard on the floor, ouch!

So, given the risk greasy floors have on your well being, you must arm yourself with effective cleaning tips and tricks.

Whether it’s a household floor, a restaurant floor, or a workshop floor, you can count on these cleaning tips in tackling greasy floor problems:

How To Tackle Greasy Floor Problems Tip #1:

Use a separate floor mop in your kitchen or high-greased areas. Grease isn’t like any other dirt. Hence, you shouldn’t be using the same mop for all your floor areas. Kitchens and garages are the most highly-greased areas. First, clean off the grease with a wet mop then dry it off with a dry mop. This way, you’re making sure the grease is removed effectively without it spreading to other floor areas. In between uses, make sure to wash and dry the mops to have them ready for another grease cleaning.

How To Tackle Greasy Floor Problems Tip #2:

Use an anti-slip solution for your floors. This is particularly helpful in a busy restaurant kitchen where grease normally splashes from anywhere. Anti-slip solution can prevent floors from being slippery, thus providing more traction. Other types of anti-slip solution can also remove any dirt and debris that have been embedded on the floor. But just like any chemicals, using anti-slip solutions come with extra precaution so it’s imperative to consult with professionals prior to use.

How To Tackle Greasy Floor Problems Tip #3:

Choose an effective floor degreaser. Your usual cleaner and soap are sometimes no match for grease especially if the floor area is regularly greased. Your best option is to choose a high-quality floor degreaser that has the power to remove all layers of grease from the floor.

EUCA Sprinkle Powder is a powerful floor degreaser designed to lift all grease from floors without damaging the surface. It’s economical to use and made of eco-friendly ingredients but still gets the job done each and every use.

How To Tackle Greasy Floors Tip #4:

Always practice ‘Clean As You Go’ principle. Be prompt in cleaning the grease off your floors. Before leaving the area, grab your degreaser and mop to wipe off any oil and grease spills. Any traces of grease that are left unclean can lead to unsightly buildup of dirt. So don’t let the grease cling onto your floors and clean as you go.

How To Tackle Greasy Floors Tip #5:

Clean everyday. Still, nothing tops the most basic yet effective cleaning tip of all time – clean everyday. Skip a day of cleaning and you’ll find your floors dirtier than yesterday. Skip a few days and you’ll find it harder to lift the grease and dirt off the floor. So make cleaning your floors an everyday habit and have them looking clean and shiny all the time.


We know that lifting off grease is a tiresome task but with proper and effective cleaning tips partnered with EUCA Sprinkle Powder Floor Degreaser, your floors are guaranteed to experience a better clean.

Think beyond your old spray on and scrub and try EUCA Sprinkle now!

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