Euca Eco Friendly Cleaning Products are designed to excel in performance and value while looking after your family, your washing machine and the environment.

At Euca we are proud of our eco friendly cleaning products reputation. A reputation of helping those with skin conditions and allergies. Euca Laundry powder, detergents and soft wash are perfect for washing all your baby and children’s clothes and bed linen as it does not have all those “extra” chemicals and additives which can affect young and sensitive skin.

Euca Laundry Products do not use Fillers, Zeolites, SLS, Enzymes or Palm oil and we don’t use any raw materials that has been tested on animals. Guaranteed.

EUCA tested independently by Lanfax Laboratories

Euca eco friendly cleaning products are tried and tested independently by Lanfax Laboratories so we can assure you that Euca has amongst the lowest in all trace elements associated with environmental degradation.

Some Phosphate is Good. It is not commonly understood that having very small amounts of phosphate in laundry powders allows exceptional cleaning performance, and is often kinder to the environment than the building agents and fillers used to replace the phosphates by other brands. The small amount of phosphate used in Euca is actually food grade and readily degradable. The percentage of phosphate used in Euca Laundry Powder is below the Australian Standards considered environmentally responsible. Remember farmers add phosphate to soil to maintain a healthy growing environment.

Fillers & salt are not good. Of bigger concern is the extremely high levels of ‘fillers’ in laundry powders, commonly sodium sulphate or simply “salt”. Salt is very bad for soil, waterways and your washing machine. The insoluble particles are also a big trigger for skin and bronchial sensitivities. Euca, which is independently tested, contains 35 times fewer salts than common brands and the primary ingredients are Sodium Carbonate, bio detergents and a blend of bio surfactants with eucalyptus oil.

Imported Eco Friendly Cleaning Products compared to locally made. Using imported eco friendly cleaning products may seem logical, until you take into consideration the LARGE carbon footprint which is a result of transporting them to Australia. Again, Euca stand tall in saying Euca is made and sourced locally in Australia.

Try this simple test yourself. The CSI (Clean Scene Investigation) test is quite simple. Take a teaspoon of your current laundry product and add it to a glass of water – stir rapidly to see if it dissolves 100% in water. {See images below) You will notice if it contains any fillers or nasty deposits that can be detrimental to your skin and harmful to the environment when flushed down the drain by any milky powdery residue left in the bottom of the glass. Allow it to stand so you can observe the insoluble residues. You will notice they don’t go away, even after hours, days, weeks or years. That white residue stays there forever. That’s what’s in your clothes, you breathe in and what corrodes and blocks your washing machine. Just this test on its own should change your habits of what you use to wash with.

The Lanfax Laboratories test. Lanfax tested a range of Laundry detergent powders both front and top loading washing machines. 71 tested in total. As per each cleaning product the recommended dosage rates of each detergent were used. The samples were mixed with rainwater at a chosen dose and agitated for 30 minutes to replicate washing action. Samples were tested within one hour for pH and salinity. Other tests followed normal good laboratory practice.

“Big name marketing” does not explain the facts. Most companies fail to address the problem of potential hazardous chemicals used in their laundry and cleaning products. The impacts of high pH, salinity, sodium, phosphorus and sulphur are not addressed in their advertising, but the “Whiter than White” is. Did you ever wonder how some products can produce such amazing results so easily, It’s all those nasty chemicals.

Septic & Grey Water Usage. Natural eco systems prefer a pH of between 6 and 8, which is where Euca’s eco friendly cleaning products sit. A high pH causes the soil to disperse and when a high pH greywater is used it may be detrimental to plants and microbes and the structural soil stability.

Phosphorus. (symbol P) Phosphorus is an essential biological element and a non-renewable resource. It is an excellent component of modern detergents, but detrimental when discharged into waterways as it encourages growth of algae and bacteria. You should choose a product with a very low P. The ‘NP” symbol is a good indicator of an extremely low and almost absent level of phosphorus. Euca laundry powder is extremely low in phosphorus, and Euca liquid has none at all.

Sulphur is your Filler. (symbol S) Sodium sulphate is often used as a ‘manufacturing’ agent, (or more commonly known as a filler). Detergents high in sulphur are most likely to have ingredients that are not essential to a clean wash. Other Laundry detergents that contain up to and more than 20g sodium per wash will be detrimental to the environment, plants and soil structure. The lower the sodium, like Euca Washing Powder, the better. Euca Liquid has none.

Wash and Rinse Efficiency. Some other powders and even liquids are slow to fully dissolve, if dissolve at all, so the particles left over will be difficult to wash fully from your clothes and will stay inside your washing machine, being the main cause of washing machine failure due to blockage and corrosion of machine pipes, pumps and parts. Euca is 100% soluble all the time.

Skin and Bronchial allergies. Euca Laundry does not contain insoluble, harsh alkalis, synthetic perfumes or fillers which can trigger skin and bronchial allergies. These tiny insoluble particles remain in the fabric of your garments and consequently can become part of an overall skin and bronchial irritation.

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Scientific tests prove washing powders actually damage your washing machine- Euca essentially “CLEANS” your washing machine as you wash.