Euca Premium Laundry Powder Concentrate

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If you purchase this product you will earn Double Loyalty Points 24-290 Points worth $1.20-$7.70!

Euca Eucalyptus Premium Laundry Powder Concentrate

Available in a handy 10pk travel sachets, 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 8kg Eco refill Box, 10kg tub, 20kg drum and a new 4Kg Eco Box 

Euca Laundry Powder now with two essential oils, in the most ecological packaging we currently have. Euca is well renowned for using Eucalyptus in nearly all Euca products. That’s where Euca comes from, short for Eucalyptus. The team at Euca are also aware that there are some great alternatives in essential oils that not only perform as well as Eucalyptus, but offer a unique change in fragrance for those that do not prefer Eucalyptus.

Tested, and tested again to make sure all the key points of the original Eucalyptus Euca Laundry powder is met or surpassed.  Exceptional cleaning, 100% soluble, greywater and septic system safe, ecologically friendly, contains no nasties to upset allergy sufferers and as always will clean and look after your washing machine.

Still exceptionally concentrated so you will use less, which makes Euca such an economical value for money Laundry Product like no other.  Euca really saves you money.

Award winning laundry powder | Euca Online Cleaning Products

Try our new Lemon Myrtle variant – learn more here.

  • Made with 100% Pure Australian Eucalyptus
  • A Premium Concentrate – so you will use less
  • Removes stubborn soils & stains
  • Ideal in Hot or Cold water washing
  • H.E. Washing Machine Safe
  • Low allergenic so it is kind on sensitive skin
  • Low in Sodium and phosphate
  • Top and Front loading machines
  • Suitable for septic, bio and greywater systems
  • Euca actually cleans and protects the inside of your machine, so it lasts longer and smells fresh as well

No animals are ever harmed in the process of making Euca – we Love all animals big and small. We do not use any palm oil in our products and our products and factory are paraben-free. 

Q: How much Euca should I use?

A: Euca is a pure concentrate – so use less, save money!

Laundry Powder
Front Loader: Approx half a scoop (20gms)
Top Loader:  Approx one scoop (40gms)
Hand Wash:  Approx half a scoop (20gms) mixed with warm water before immersing garment.
Note: One Scoop = 40gms
We supply 20gram scoops for Dishwashing Powder here.
We supply 20gram scoops for small sized Laundry Powders here.
We supply 40gram scoops for larger sized laundry powders here.
The 2kg bottle we recommend the use of the cap as its measure.


More infomation;

Washing the clothes and workwear is one of those tasks that
just has to happen. We cannot go through life not cleaning what we wear. The
main issue is that most consumers don’t fully understand the products they are currently
using and what affect these products are having on them, their washing machines
and the environment around them.

EUCA Laundry Products, created and manufactured in Australia to an unchanged key set of principles for over 40 years, uses natural Australian eucalyptus in its formulation. It does not have any added perfumes, making it the perfect environmental cleaner and disinfectant. This is the basis of why Euca is spoken so well of within the circles of those users that suffer allergies and skin problems. It’s not a cure on its own by all means but used with other less intrusive products in the home it will help in keeping all those issues at bay.

The blend is a true concentrate so you use less per measure, so it lasts longer resulting in a very cost effective result compared to other leading brands. It’s also an adaptable product, being 100% soluble and able to be used in hot or cold water and in top or front loaders.

If you are living in the remote or country areas of Australia and rely on a septic system than Euca is the washing product you need to not upset the balance of the microorganisms that make a septic system work efficiently.

Similarly within built up and remote areas, grey water usage has become a necessity and a major environmental change to reduce the waste of clean drinking water. The problem with other cleaners is they have a high phosphate level and added fillers that are harmful to grass and other plants. The end result can be that the grey water you are using could actually be harmful to the environment around you. Euca on the other hand is made with minimal phosphate to a standard that will not affect living plants, and without any fillers so the grey water usage after having Euca in your wash is not detrimental and actually beneficial to your lawn and garden.

Based on all this, one major odd benefit is Euca’s ability to clean and protect your washing machine at the same time you use it. Standard washing powders have added fillers that do not dissolve and sit in the bottom of your machine and pipes eventually building up, hardening, corroding and clogging the working parts of the washer. These additives destroy metal working parts, so over time mechanical failure will happen.

Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Ethoxylated Alcohol Nonionic, Eucalyptus Oil, Citric Acid, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Disodium Trioxosilicate, Sodium Alkylbenzene Sulphonate

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10pk Travel kit, 1Kg, 1.5kg refill, 2Kg [Free shipping if purchased alone T&C apply], 4Kg Eco Box, 10Kilogram Plastic Tub, 10kg Eucalyptus Eco refill Box, 20kg Tub, Lemon Myrtle 4kg Eco Box, Lemon Myrtle 8kg Refill Box

7 reviews for Euca Premium Laundry Powder Concentrate

  1. tonianich (verified owner)

    Regret not buying the 10 kg I bought 1kg to try I love how the clothes smell fresh and clean and not masked by over powering perfume that stinks mid wear from sweat. I noticed that I no longer cough since using this so maybe all this time my cough was caused from the washing powder I was using before this one. I also washed towels and bed linen so fresh love this powder.

    • Euca Online

      Hi Tonia,
      We’re so glad yourself and family are enjoying the benefits of Euca’s Laundry Powder. Thanks for your ongoing support of our local Australian owned business!

  2. Dee

    By far the best washing powder around. Great for septics but also fantastic results every time. Lovely fresh clean scent and not overpowering at all. Can’t recommend this highly enough.

  3. Jenni

    I really like this laundry powder. It is economical because you don’t have to use much per wash and it is very effective. It smells nice too.

  4. Clara (verified owner)

    I ordered the 4kg Lavender Laundry Powdet after the raving reviews from product review. It gives an okay clean, stains aren’t removed though and there’s not really any scent which I hoped for given it was lavender scented. I don’t know if the batch I got was defected or if the eucalyptus original is better. I wanted to love it like everyone else but I am a little disappointed. However, the value for money and eco friendly packaging are a definite plus. I hope my next box is a little better or I might try their laundry detergent.

  5. Ana (verified owner)

    I’m on my second 10kg pack (eco for the second) and will never buy another brand, just love the clean so much! Works particular well on cloth nappies and have not had to strip wash the detergent out since I started using!
    Clothes are always clean and the lack of chemicals that I’m sensitive to smelling makes it easy to use.
    Great value for money too!

  6. Penny Trabant (verified owner)

    Very impressed. Uses far less powder than supermarket brands and it leaves a fresh eucalyptus scent. Just ordered my second lot (the refill for the big tub from previous order). When my daughter visited, she commented on the lovely sent in the laundry room

    • Euca Online (verified owner)

      Hi Penny ,
      Many thanks again. yes the eucalyptus scent is fantastic , and just so people know, it does not stay in the laundry as once its done its job it Dissipates so you only have fresh linen smell, regards Gavin K

  7. lionsman33

    This was the 1st product within the Euca range I tried and experienced after a month of procrastinating. I happened to catch this brand online via some feedback in buying/supporting Australian business in these current hard times.

    This would be the best laundry powder I’ve used in the past 10 years since I’ve moved out of home and had to do my own washing. Finally a powder that actually dissolves fully and does not leave white patchy leftover stains on clothing.

    This product is great for grey water systems or running off the excess water into your gardens as it states true to it’s word.

    This product is also great for people with sensitive skin issues or people who wish to lessen the chemicals in their lives.

    For the bigger family households whom do washing daily or almost daily, the 10kg bulk purchase is well worth the spend.

    Please get onboard the Euca train and change your household lives for the better.

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