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Shar D


Published on 06-05-2020

EUCA hand moisturiser Presious Vegan Protective Hydrating Balm 100g & 500ml is the best

The best with all the handwashing we are all doing the hydrating balm transforms dry hands overnight to soft hands hydrating balm transforms overnight. Best protective balm ever. Leaving my hands soft and supple. Recommended to use and the Euca Shield Barrier Cream & Protectant for Hand and Body you have the best products to use. Highly recommended for everyone.

Presious Vegan Moisturiser Balm



Published on 29-03-2020

Amazing dishwasher powder

Fantastic washing powder dishes look amazing, inside dishwasher is squeaky clean, no build up or haze and it is ridiculously economical. Highly recommend buying this product for you and your family.

4kg Euca Eucalyptus LP eco box



Published on 21-03-2020

Best washing powder I’ve used!

I’ve been using Euca Laundry Powder for years. It is really effective and doesn’t involve all the harsh chemicals and perfumes of the supermarket stuff. I would never go back.

Euca Eucalyptus Dish Wash Powder 10kg Concentrate



Published on 15-02-2020

Never scrub pans again

This is an amazing dishwasher powder. It gets everything clean with no residue and smells lovely. You can’t beat it for value, it’s environmentally friendly, etc
But that’s not even why I have come to love it so much. I’ve discovered that soaking frypans (baking trays, anything) overnight with 1/4 scoop of this stuff gets literally anything off with no scrubbing. Just rinse and they are shiny like new. Amazing!

Regarding another review on here that says this left a white residue on dishes, in the last box I purchased there was a flyer that explained that this powder was so effective that it can loosen dirt or buildup that has been left behind by other detergents – i.e. it cleans your dishwasher as well as the dishes. I wonder if that white residue they mentioned was perhaps leftover from the manufacturing process?

HE S 2kg



Published on 6-12-2019

Absolutely love the laundry soaker. I use it in every wash and find that it’s safe for all colours and it helps to clean the clothes. As I have a hubby who tinkers in the shed everyday, I find that soaking his stained clothes in laundry soaker overnight, assists in removing those stains. Also, I find it’s excellent for soaking cleaning clothes overnight. All the stains come out. Impressed!!

Euca Laundry Powder Eco Friendly


Published on 28-7-2019

Whether you are a mechanic or a merchant, Euca will keep your clothes clean & fresh

My family has been using Euca for years now, and literally everything from dedicates to heavily soiled workshop clothes are clean & fresh with minimal effort. I probably over-dose with the work gear, but it still works better than other more advertised brands, and it is good value for money. I buy the 25kg tub, and it lasts for months.

Euca Fabo WEB group cropped


Published on 22-6-2019

Amazing laundry powder

We are farmers and as such often have a lot of dirt and grime on our clothes. We find the powder amazing as it removes most heavy stains. Also love the fact the smell is not overpowering but gives a nice clean smell. Product does not make any of our skin itchy or dry…


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How to Google review us? 

  • Type “Euca” in the google search bar
  • Google will bring up a host of listings – but note on the far right, just under sponsored adverts is “Euca On Line Cleaning Products”.
  • Just under “website” link is the Google review area.
  • Click on google reviews.
  • In the pop up box in top right – click on “write a review”.
  • The next pop up allows you to rate and write a review.

We appreciate your time is precious, so we are offering a free gift for each customer who writes a new review with their next order. So, visit eucaonline.com.au, pick your order and when you are at the checkout add into “Order Notes” that you have reviewed Euca on google and advise us which free gift you would like to receive.

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  • Euca Fabric Conditioner 1.5lt
  • Euca Laundry Liquid 1.5lt measure cap
  • Euca Soft Wash – Delicates and Wool Laundry Wash 1.5lt
  • Euca Soaker Laundry Brightener 1kg
  • Euca Dish Washing Powder 1kg
  • Euca Dishwashing Liquid concentrate 750ml
  • Euca Commercial Grade Disinfectant 750ml
  • Euca Tuff Super Strong Cleaner Degreaser 500ml spray pack
  • Euca Glass & All Surface cleaner 500ml Spray pack
  • Euca Smell Expel – disinfectant – cleaner- deodoriser – neutraliser 500ml Spray pack
  • Euca Botanical – Hand & Body wash 500ml Pump Pack
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