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The Many Wonders of Dishwashing Liquid

By July 29, 2019 August 3rd, 2019 No Comments

A staple found near kitchen sinks in every household, dishwashing liquid is more versatile than think. Aside from cleaning the dishes, it can do wonders beyond the kitchen area. Check out what else dishwashing liquid can do in your home below:

Dishwashing Liquid Also Cleans Surfaces

Dishwashing liquid is also magic when cleaning any kind of household surface. From counter tops to mirrors, to windows, down to the floor and even inside the oven. Just pour in a small amount in a bucket of water and it’s ready to wipe away all the dirt and grime created by the everyday household buzz.

Eliminates Grease Spots with Dishwashing Liquid

Bothered by the grease spots lingering in your driveway after you’ve washed your car? Simply apply some liquid solution directly on the spots and scrub the grease stains away. Put in some elbow grease with your brushing to eliminate all traces of grease, then hose down your driveway with water.

Dishwashing Liquid is a Stain Remover

Dishwashing liquids are known for their grease-killing powers so it’s no wonder it is an effective pre-treatment for oil and grease stains on clothes. It’s also gentler in treating spots even on delicate fabrics. Before tossing any stain-marked clothing, pre-treat it first to easily remove the stain. Even better, as soon you stain your clothing, if you happen to be at home, pre-treat the stain immediately. The quicker you apply it, the better the results will be.

Kills Fleas and Bugs with Dishwashing Liquid

A mixture of a small amount of liquid and water in a spray bottle, can scare the bugs away from your home. Even better, when you’re using EUCA Dishwashing Liquid, you won’t be taking any unnecessary risks when spraying your plants. As Euca’s products are made from natural ingredients so are safe for your household greenery. You can also lightly spray it on your carpet and upholstery to shoot fleas dead.

Manicure Prep

Before giving your nails some care, soften them with a dab of dish wash liquid to remove oil for an easier and better manicure.

Softens Calluses                                                                              

Everyday work can be harsh on your skin and can cause unwanted calluses. Our feet and hands are the primary areas prone to callus. Dishwashing liquid can help you soften these areas by soaking your hands or feet it in a bucket of water and diluted solution.

Shines Rubber Sneakers

Dishwashing liquids are good rubber cleaners and one perfect example of rubber that frequently needs cleaning is your sneakers. Pour a small amount of dishwashing liquid and water solution on a cloth and scrub the dirty area and you’ll see a dramatic difference.

Cleans Combs and Hairbrushes

Our combs and hairbrushes contain residue from different hair products we use. To effectively get rid of it, clean it with a light solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water.

Polishes Jewellery

Even our jewellery collects dirt and dust from frequent use. A water and liquid solution is an effective way to clean and polish your jewellery without tarnishing it’s quality. Soak your jewellery  in a diluted water, liquid solution for 5-10 minutes and brush gently with a toothbrush if necessary.

We’re sure you’ll never look at your dishwashing liquid the same way again after learning its other uses.

If you’re after a dishwashing liquid made with plant-based, natural products like tea tree oil and lemongrass, we’d recommend trying Euca. It’s tough on grease and gentle on skin making it capable of leaving your home spotless and chemical-free at the same time. Explore the entire Euca product range here.

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