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The Truth about Enzymes in Laundry Powder

By April 17, 2019 No Comments

Here at Euca we are often asked, does Euca Laundry Powder contain Enzymes? So, we thought it was time to discuss enzymes in laundry products and review the good, the bad and ugly.

What are Enzymes?

Firstly, lets explore the facts about Enzymes. Enzymes are actually a by-product of bacteria and not a living entity or microorganism as is often thought.

There are four types of Enzymes;

  1. Protease
  2. Amylase
  3. Lipase
  4. Cellulase

Each Enzyme has a unique purpose. Some digest fat, others oil or blood.

Enzymes in Laundry Powder

A laundry powder that contains enzymes is called a “biological” formulation. A Laundry powder without enzymes is called a “non-biological” formulation.  Some “biological” laundry powders can contain only one enzyme, but generally most contain more than one and at times all four enzymes.

So, what is the downside? These biological powders that actively and aggressively digest fats and oils may sound terrific and a benefit in the laundry. That might be so, but the problem is they cannot differentiate between laundry cleaning and any other surface that they reside on. This means left over residue enzymes in your clothes will try to react with whatever fat and oils they can fine, including your skin. This enzyme on human skin is a big factor in serious skin irritations and blotches. As the enzymes attack your own fat and oils. Nasty don’t you think?

Hence the caution around using a biological laundry powder when laundering clothes or linen for infants, children, older people and anyone with sensitive skin or with allergies.

Another disadvantage of biological powder can be found in your grey water and septic tanks. As your grey water will harbour these enzymes, and if you have a septic system, then biological laundry grey water is a substance you don’t want. Why? As the enzymes will feed off the soils and waste in the septic system and lead to an imbalance in the organic environment in the septic system. This will eventually lead to a breakdown in the system.

At Euca, it is what we “don’t” put in our cleaning products that makes all the difference.

“Euca” does not and will never contain enzymes in our products. So, you can have peace of mind. We make Euca to be beneficial to the planet, but kinder to people as well, from babies to those with skin conditions and allergies.

Euca isn’t only earth friendly.  “Euca” cleans equally as well, if not better than those biological formulations due to our unique blend which includes the added benefits and power of Eucalyptus oil.

Euca is 100% soluble and can be used in grey water systems and on grass, gardens and in septic systems.  We have a small amount of phosphate in a laundry powder is ecologically perfect for plants and gardens that will be hydrated with grey water (note that the Euca Laundry Liquid has none). All the green thumb gardeners out there will testify that you should use a small amount for plants.

“Euca” cares about our environment and your family’s health. Explore our range of powerful, eco-friendly products here.

Euca … a better clean

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