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SOFT WASH - Euca Soft Wash for cleaning your winter woollens .... 

Soft Wash does not strip the lanolin from the wool like other so called harsh wool cleaners do.

Soft wash makes all your woollens stay soft, fluffy, smell fresh and keeps you warmer for longer.

Perfect for hand washing delicates
Specifically made for woollens Blankets and Towels  
All Natural soap blend "Concentrate"
Sodium and Phosphate Free
Low allergenic
Ideal in warm or cold water
Top and Front loading machines
Made with Pure Australian Eucalyptus Oil
Suitable for septic, bio and grey water systems


And of course ..... 100% Australian Made

Castille 1Lt

CASTILE SOAP – our most natural cleaner we have

  • 100% Made in Melbourne to the same 1770’s formulation
  • 100% Organic not a tallow (animal based product)
  • Made using olive oils and coconut oils
  • Kind on all skin types Use on clothes, pets … nearly anything
  • Not tested on animals
  • Does not contain palm oil
Euca smell expell odour remover cleaner

Odour remover pet smell remover urine remover cleaner and disinfectant

Euca Smell Expel.

This new Euca product is quite unique in the market. Designed by combining the power of a disinfectant, with a hard working cleaning agent, plus adding the benefits of an odour neutraliser to actually kill and remove the enzymes that causes nasty smells while lastly adding a deodoriser to give a fresh “Australian Botanical Fragrance” finish. Use around the home to remove the smelliest odours from drains and rubbish bins, while perfectly suitable to use in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet or laundry. Euca Smell Expel is also a great pet smell remover for those mishaps from our most loved companions. Very handy indeed to have around.

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