Euca on line now has wholesale , so if you are a small business that has always wanted to stock Euca, but the factory freight charges for free into store and minimum order quantities has stopped you previously. Well welcome to our new on line whole sale system.

Based on our “on line” B2C website set up, we have created a wholesale section in the backend with cost prices that allow margins of 30% to 40% and some even higher.

The concept is;

  • Minimum orders of $100 for Free into store.
  • Can order items as single units (no carton quantities to worry about)
  • Simple on line ordering – so you can do it whenever you need or have the time.
  • Delivered direct to your address

Contact us in regards to initial planogram set ups, as we can usually offer factory direct prices for the first order (even bigger saving). Initial set up Orders over $700 will attract free freight and further discount , some remote regions may need freight forwarding or other pick up arrangements, but we can work with you on that.

Simply follow this link to Wholesale – Join;

  • Fill in all the required details
  • Please advise if you belong to a current buying group, like, Total Tools, CRT, HBT or IHG (Mitre10 / HTH)
  • We will review and advise back once approved or advise how we proceed with certain buying groups.
  • You can then log in and set up passwords – and raise orders .

So simply:

once you have been approved.