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Sort, Wash, Dry, Fold, Repeat. Whilst children outgrow their clothing at the speed of light. Adults tend to hold onto their clothing for as long as it will last. So what clothing care tips can you follow to preserve your wardrobe season after season?

As anyone who has washed before knows, different types of clothing demand specific clothing care to maintain their color, shape, and shine. Maintaining your clothing and maximizing its lifespan, contributes to minimizing waste and improving sustainability.

In terms of the bigger pictures, clothing care so you can hold onto your belongings longer, not only reduces the demand on natural resources, but it also keeps extra penny’s in your pocket.


Quality is not always expensive. Just patiently and wisely shop for pieces that never go out of style and secure a solid base for your wardrobe. Look for these clues that the piece is made to last; check the seams, buttons, and materials used. After you have a solid base of quality clothing, you can add cheaper but trendier pieces to compliment your wardrobe and style.

Shop for what you need. Your wallet and the environment will thank you.


Have you noticed that tag with interesting symbols on your newly purchased clothing? No it isn’t an alchemy spell to turn your cat into a human! This tag provides you with the laundry instruction’s to ensure your garment stays beautiful for longer. It also helps you to easily select clothes that are easier to maintain. For example: if you hate hand washing or ironing, you can check a tag and choose clothing that can be machine washed or does not crease.

Tips for Clothing Care


If you already know how to read the care tags, here are some pragmatic techniques:

  • invest in a lingerie bag, clothesline, or drying rack
  • wash dark clothing inside-out
  • go color-safe
  • get to know your machine settings
  • use laundry detergents and powders that protect and clean your washing machine – like Euca.

Your dryer is the most damaging appliance that you own when it comes to your clothes. Its heat can cause clothes to shrink and fade. Though I can’t blame you for using it, especially in a cold Melbourne winter as it is such a convenience! An alternative might be to try “machine drying” your clothes and drying near a window during the day. Always use a low / cold temperature then transfer your garments to the drying rack. This will minimize shrinking.


Everyone has their own tips and tricks when it comes to effective stain removal.

Here’s a few from Euca:

  • Dye, coffee, tea, wine, gunk, grime or ink stains? Run your garment under cold water immediately, then spray it lightly with Euca Pre-Wash Stain Remover then wash. Euca Pre-wash is made from Citrus and Eucalyptus so it does not contain any harsh chemicals like other laundry cleaners, that can affect your breathing and skin. Euca Pre-Wash will devour grease and grime and can be used to clean automotive fabric, carpets and other trim. It is non-caustic and colour fast, so you can rest assumed that it will not damage your fabrics and materials. It is safe on work logos, fluro gear, patches, rubber and plastic.
  • BBQ sauce, ketchup, makeup, crayon stains? Rinse with cold water, rub in a Euca laundry detergent or powder, rinse, apply Euca Pre-Wash Stain Remover and launder.
  • For Blood, red wine or really bad and tough to remove stains: use the Euca laundry powder, add a dash of water to create a paste, then gently apply the paste to the stain. Do not aggressively rub the area, just gently massage and apply the paste. Euca laundry liquid can be applied straight onto stains also as it is a pure concentrate.

Many consumers are as loyal to their laundry powder as they are to their favorite brand of coffee or tea. YouGov Analysis Institute recently suggested the stain removing ability of a detergent (52%) only slightly outranks its fragrance (48%) by consumers. However most importantly, consumers are now recognizing natural, eco-friendly products are powerful, and are being considered above other brands that are filled with chemicals. You can check out Euca’s Eco Friendly Product Range here.


One way to keep your clothing “almost forever” is learning the basic repairs – stitching open seams, replacing a missing button, or using a patch. Buy a simple sewing kit, you can always watch online videos for a tutorial. Avoiding the tailor and caring and repairing clothing yourself is a big saving.

Though obviously not all clothing items are meant to last forever, by being a little more careful about how you care for your clothing and launder your clothing, you should be able to get that little bit longer out of your most loved garments.

Shop the Euca Eco-Friendly Product range here.

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